How to maximize quality on SD card

For the first time since I’ve had my wyzecam installed I’ve had to really look at the footage when a strange man started poking around my property and looking in my windows. When reviewing the footage on my phone (Set to HD) it was bad so I went out to the cam and pulled the SD card and got the footage right off of the SD card and it was exactly the same. VERY compressed, lagging badly (like he was in slow motion at times), even the motion box was lagging and broken.
I would have expected local recording at the very least to be in real-time and not lagging like I’m streaming it.
Am I missing something here? Do I need a faster memory card? The card that I have in there now boasts modestly good speeds, I wouldn’t expect that you’d need something more than what is described below:

Ultra Fast Read Write Speeds: Up to 95MB/S Read and 20MB/S Write Speeds; Uhs Speed Class U1 and Speed Class 10

Anything else that I can do to at least be able to make out someone’s face in broad daylight? At this quality it’s useless.