I've put the sd card in my laptop, now what?

How do I view the videos recorded on my card? There doesn’t seem to be any formats I recognize as video, and anything else I select, Windows wants me to select an app to open it with. What files am I supposed to be looking for?

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I’m going to assume you are talking about the V2/V3 model cameras that can record continuously to the SD card? And you aren’t talking about things like Time Lapse recordings?

If that is the case, then you don’t necessary need to remove the card and take it to a computer to view those files, but there are some advantages to doing that (like accelerated playback). Normally you would just use the “Playback” button under the camera’s live stream in the Wyze app when it is in portrait mode.

There are some .mp4 files in folders labeled with the dates the files were recorded (YYYMMDD) on the card. Those files are 1 minute in duration so the camera can easily free space once the card is filled, deleting the older files to make way for newer files.

To watch one, you can either double-click on the individual 1-minute file, or drag the whole folder over to a player like VLC. The difference if you drag the whole folder over, then VLC will play the whole day (or hour) you dragged as a single movie.

So if you don’t have VLC Player installed, you might do that first:


Thank you, yes I was looking for a scheduled recording but the files were like .kmsg and .zg and couldn’t be opened without choosing an app for Windows to open them with. Unless I hadn’t quite gotten into the right file yet? I put the card back into the camera and am currently watching it on my phone but it’s over 2 hours long and I can’t fast forward! There was a cat frantically circling my truck, jumping up into the front and back out - I watched her for about 30 minutes on the live stream and she was crying the whole time. I went out and popped the hood and found a teeny tiny kitten on my engine, probably no more than 2-3 weeks old. I put him into a covered box on my porch in view of the camera and set it to continuously record since I wanted to make sure they were reunited. He’s no longer in the box but I don’t know at what point he either climbed out or she came and got him, so I’ll keep watching until I figure it out! We got these for security reasons (lots of catalytic converter thefts in the area recently) but they’re being used more for cat watching than anything else :slight_smile:

That speedier playback would be one of the advantages of using VLC Player. However – you can ‘jump’ far ahead or behind using the timeline below the picture when you are in Playback mode in the Wyze app. You can spin that timeline back until the kitten appears, then reverse-pinch the timeline to get more resolution, then go forward until the kitten disappears. Then go back just enough to make it appear again, then watch to see what happened. :slight_smile:

I don’t recognize your .kmsg and .zg file extensions. Those don’t sound like videos. If you ever pull the card again, the files you will be looking for will be the .mp4s (or their folders) in the “record” folder.


Same problem, no MP4 files show up pin the LOG folder only TXT and KSMG. Opening the TXT file is gibberish. I’m assuming an attempt at translating Chinese to English.