Using PC to view SD card recordings

how do i view the files on my sd card in one continous video instead of 1 min clips?


The gods of concatenation will be with you shortly - though you said “view” not “combine” so…

…still I never miss a chance to say concatenation if I can help it. :wink:


That would make a good t-shirt:

But no, that would be too smart. :slight_smile:

The results summary I get includes viewing and combining, programs for both OS’s, and probably, if one digs in far enough, stuff about the file naming “genius” to which you refer.

well that was virtuallly worthless. is still don’t know how to do it. yes i found a couple posts saying to use this program or that program. i would think wyze would have directions/specs on how to do these things. so now i have to research how each program does this. let me say this so everyone understands and hears me…

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Lol, I feel your pain. (Imagine Bill-Clinton-biting-lip emoji here)

found instructions for playback… but at the end of playback section it says : “You can also view and download the footage stored on your microSD card by removing the card and reading it with your computer.” end of instructions. well support got an ear full. thanks for trying to help,

my anger isn’t towards you, it’s just frustration with this company.

sure they have wyze smart plug in development and google home assistant in testing but make the video and sound match… no. stopping the cam from stop recording after losing wifi for 1 1/2 hours… no. make viewing video easy in app or pc… no. answer peoples questions in a timely manner… no.

sure it’s a $20 dollar camera, but if they say it does something, then do it and do it correctly or take it off the specs. (are you listening wyze)


Believe me, I get it. I’m just in an unaccountably good mood today. (Check back tomorrow. You may get less cheery wiseWyzecracks. :wink: )


The Wyze method of viewing the clips all together is using the Playback section of the Wyze app. We don’t have a company recommended app or service for concatenating the clips. This is why we don’t have posted instructions for how to make that happen.

We are looking into the audio/video mismatch, we are catching up on tickets, and the fix for the WiFi connection issue is in process. We are listening. :slight_smile:


For the price, for the objective, for the youtube dude saying he created this (partially? does his toddler sing on pitch? Amazed)…the pricing is on the level of too good to be true (please don’t let greed read that).

I know “expectations”, of course. Do I know the reality of the situation at WYZE, NOPE!!! Please accept full gratitude with that acknowledgement…

Nags, complaints, hopes: voice and video record are out of sync, for me (they are way off. I don’t know what that takes to streamline, so that simpleton’s doesn’t get frustrated). Would like a PC version of the app…Would like to admit a guilty pleasure, I record my conversations with my daughter with your product (she’s a pre-teen, so for the future, for memories, for my love for her). We, her and I, have great moments (I think so), and I would like to replay them in the future (you know, the angst and struggle of being a teen and young adult. I would like to pull these conversations back up to provide the memory, the connection, the joy of being together, etc.)

I truly believe the magic of best intentions and best efforts are happening at WYZE.

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Is there a need for a utility to copy the contents from the SD Card to Windows and combine them into one folder? Is my understanding correct?

In windows 10 find Video Editor. You can make a video with multiple clips and they play in one continuous video. Each clip can also be edited to cut parts out, add some text etc. Not sure how many you can add at once, but it is a way to join some together from your MicroSD card,

At the moment in order to do that without physically taking out the card I think one has to go into the camera OS and use a script posted on Redit. From what I’ve read it does not work very well plus you lose all the great Wyze advances (like the latest Playback function in V2.6.26).

I find physically pulling the card from a mounted camera to be challenging, depending on where the camera is. I usually have to dismount it, swap card, then fiddle around getting it replaced so it has the same view.
I tend to keep one cam within arms reach, but most are mounted in windows, or outside under cover, If I can get within arms reach this makes it much simpler:
the SD card can be within easy reach and replacement is simplified.
Then it’s pop it in the PC or device and read the files.


If you’re on a PC you can use a program called BlueStacks to run Android and use the Wyze app that way.


A wishlist item I am fond of and hope becomes a reality in some form is either NAS recording or the ability to access the files on the SD card programmatically.

The playback section in the app is not good. Let’s put it like that…
Always lags, hard to scroll, etc… Once tried to go back and view something and I just gave up because it was just frustrating… Also was at home, same wifi so can’t blame the internet connection…


I agree that the playback sucks. Moving the pointer around to different past times and the camera is very slow to respond to your playback requests. At some times with me at least the camera just gives up and I have to back out of the selected cam to get it to start responding again.


Thank you for your feedback. I will share this with the team and we apologize for the frustration.

Have you tried the new beta? Android app v2.6.33 jumps to the “Event”.

I don’t have playback issues. No lag, I can scroll smoothly and no freezing.

The only time I had a problem was right after the hardware video decode was removed. It was fixed with a subsequent app release.

Maybe it’s because I only do event recording (not continuous)?

BlueStacks can be used on a MAC, as well, That’s what I’m running to check my cameras, live, while Im at home working. The one thing I would like to see, is the ability to view more than one camera at once, on one computer screen. Right now I have to flip between cameras. But, again - given the price point, and no need for a monthly service I’m extremely happy with the product!!!