Wyze file system? (Help!)

Can anyone explain and give a little guidance on the Wyze SD card file system?
(As a Reddit forum says: Explain to me like I’m five.)

I have one Wyze V2 cam I use to monitor my cat’s and other animal activity at night.
My detection sensitivity is set to medium. Notifications are off.

I removed my nearly full 32GB memory today to view the activity. Apparently I had ~5000 triggered events. It took several minutes to download from a USB3 port. The Wyze files are 2? file levels deep and are separated again to tens of files that each have many video files in them. (Except for the many empty folders containing nothing.)
When downloading, you can’t just leave, because the process stops every time it finds a corrupted file and you manually must select “Skip”. There were about a dozen bad files on the 32GB sd card (I can live with that).

So, does anyone have a quick way of aggregating all of the video clips into one folder?

I wish the video clips were just recorded into one folder with date and time. That would be easy to sort. In the past, I recorded continuously and that provided a much better experience.
I admit that I am not adept at using the Windows10 file system (and I think it sucks).

For verified copying and auto skipping errors on hundreds of files at once, I use the free version of Teracopy. I trust it a LOT more than just Win10 file copying. I set the preference for “always test after copying” and “leave window open” and walk away. It will give a list of failed files when done. Or something like that - it’ll be pretty obvious when you use it.

Also, if not doing so already, be sure to “eject” the SD card in the Wyze app before you unplug the cam from power and remove the card.

Single cam view → Settings → Advanced Settings → Local Storage → Eject SD Card

Windows will mark any file system that is dismounted improperly as “dirty” and it really slows down copying and can produce needless errors.

Yes, this

What really helps with that is knowing the times of the one minute clips you want to save by viewing the 12 sec cloud event clips before hand.

But it sounds like you have switched from continuous recording to only recording events? And you want a batch file or shell script that will rename each video clip with the proper day and hour and then dump them all in one folder for viewing and saving?

I don’t have one of those handy right now, but possibly the script in this thread could be a start. Also the dashcam viewer software sounded intriguing.


Thanks, some good tips!