Sd card help

Hello to all, I’m new to these cams and have purchased my first so card for my wyze outdoor cams. The base is my main concern. I have so many questions about these cards. So without the cam plus subscription do I still only get 12 second clips on the card? Can I watch the video from the card while in the base? Then I have several pans and a v2 as well. Same questions with them as well. Using the SD card can I watch clips off the card on my phone or do I have to watch the card elsewhere? I know I’ll have more questions but this should get me started. I’m assuming you can somehow record 24/7 with the pans and v2. But do understand the outdoor cam you can’t do that even though I do think you should still have that option to record a whole day or however long your battery will last if you needed to for some reason. Please see my reply to this post before answering any questions.

Ok so I found the wyze utube videos and think I have all of my answers. So you can watch from the sd card on your phone. I had heard you had to watch from a computer. Maybe it’s just the wyze outdoor base that you must watch from the computer?

I have all 19 of my V2 and Pan cameras recording to the uSD card all the time. Most of the time if I want / need to go back and look for some video I use the app. Once in a while I will pull the uSD card. For example, for my 2019 July 4th professional fireworks display, I had two Wyze V2 cameras in the firing pits pointed up during the show. I pulled the uSD cards to copy everything to my PC where I could glue the files together in post production.

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Very cool, I had no Intrest in the sd cards because I did not know you could view the footage through the app. Now that I know this I’ll be getting some cards.