Used Wyze Lock

I’m considering purchasing a used Wyze Lock & keypad from someone.

Any known issues or with transferring it from one Wyze Account to another?

it’s a few months old, anyone know if the the warranty is transferable?


A couple of years ago there was an issue where a guy activated a lock and keypad from someone else, and tried to reset the keypad pin to something else, but for some reason the original pin was still working to unlock the lock. The keypad stores the pin numbers locally and for some reason it wasn’t overwriting the initial pin.

As I recall it was a Beta issue and it was multiple years ago, and Wyze actually got involved to make sure this got handled. I don’t believe that is an issue with current locks/keypads on up to date production firmware, so as with all devices, just make sure you have everything up to date just to be sure, you know? I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about if you have newer firmware, but you asked if there were any known issues, and I remember seeing that was something that came up a long, long time ago from one account to another.

I don’t think the warranty is transferrable, but I can’t say for certain. I know Wyze has previously been able to look up with a Device was first activated (using the MAC address), and I presume they can also tell which account previously had it when it was activated, but I do not know for sure. It’s possible they’d just go based on when it was first activated and not know or care if it was on a different account. You’d have to read the Warranty policy:


Thank you for the link to the Returns & Warranty page, where it states:

“This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.”

Which is what you see with most warranties that I have dealt with. So, just have to hope I don’t have any issues with the device.

It’s going on the door between the garage door and the house, inside the garage, so there is less risk than if it where on the front door (which I personally would not use any ‘smart’ internet connected lock there)


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Would that screenshot help?

Vancouver, BC here!
Why not follow the path of least resistance (in this case for $134 CAD?