Attempted to reset Wyze Lock keypad access code, now app shows "working on it" and code is uneditable

I attempted to reset a keypad access code for my Wyze Lock today and experienced a strange response from the app. I’ve reset codes in the past without a problem, but this time it took a while and didn’t seem to take effect. I now see the message “Working on it…” next to the access code name in the access code list and I can’t tap on it to edit or delete it. Pasting a screen shot below. Has anybody experienced this? I’m not at the property and now I’m wondering whether the keypad will respond to any codes or if it might be frozen. I was able to create a new test code in the app, so that’s a good sign, but I’m still not super confident that it will respond to the next code that’s physically entered.

Update: The status of the code in the app is still “Working on it” but the code worked when our Airbnb guest arrived.

Hi, apologies for responding to an old thread, but did this entry ever go away? I’m having connectivity issues with my lock keypad and I’m wondering if it’s related.

Unfortunately, no, it never went away. I think it’s there forever unless I want to reset the keypad, if that’s even possible. Good luck with your issue.

Thanks for the reply! Wyze is shipping out a replacement keypad for another reason, so maybe we’ll never know.

I am having the same issue. I have one access code that I am trying to delete and unable to even click on their name to move onto the next step. This is a safety issue.