Wyze Door Lock unlocking with incorrect door codes

Hey Community

My son recently found a bug with our keypad code when he input the door code but accidently added an additional character the Wyze lock still unlocked. If you enter the correct door code in the first set of digits anything you enter in after that will be accepted as a correct door code. So, say our door code was 1234 and then if you entered 12345, 123456, 1234567, or 12345678 and hit unlock it still unlocks. Has anyone else in the community noticed this? How do we submit bugs we find to Wyze?

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It’s not a bug. You can also put in extra digits before the actual code. Think of it as a way to fake out someone who may be watching you input the code.

I had this strangely identical issue. He was playing the tones, watch each crazy variation different - even slowed dead pauses. Didn’t matter gets abs more clear tone. Help?

How if your code is 3456 and you input 12345678 and it unlocks and then they come back later that night and input 12345678 and it unlocks how did you fake them out?

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