Lock Keypad Security

Got the keypad, set up is a breeze and working perfectly fine. My question is - for the static code, do you worry that guests or people around peeking/learning it, or just the digits used more often will look faded as time goes by? I think some other smart locks have some ways to avoid that, like randomizing the digits on the keypads (which is probably not possible for the Wyze keypad). I suppose the static code should be changed regularly… but any other ideas?

On the Wyze Keypad you can type in random digits before your code and after. The lock will still see the code in-between the random digits and unlock the door.


Really? How many digits before and after? Thanks!

Not sure of the limit but I just did 8 before my 4 digit code and 6 after. It worked perfectly.


Thanks, works nicely, didn’t see it mentioned anywhere…