I get OPERATION FAILED way too often. Sometimes it’s when I attempt to unlock via the iPhone app. Just now, I’m setting up a new guest code and have gotten to the Create Code step. Once I enter the code, I get the OPERATION FAILED message. Repeatedly. Repeatedly. Repeatedly.

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Here is a couple things to try:

  • On your iOS Device, Start your app, go to Account>app Settings>Clear Cache. Then Back out to the account page and log out of the app. Restart your iOS device. Log back into your app and see if i works for you. Note: your Camera Thumbnails will be gone until you Live Stream again. In addition, Please make sure you have your password for your account and 2FA information if needed.

  • Make sure your BT is on in your Device

Thanks for your response. I cleared cache, etc. and was able to enter a new guest and code.

I decided to replace the lock batteries after 6 months even though the lock was working fine. Apparently I can’t use rechargeable batteries?? Also, is the battery life percentage always visible (if so, where?), or just when the level gets low?


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The Battery is shown when it gets low. you will see it on the top left of the Lock screen. If you would like to see the actual percentages, go into a lock, Tap on Settings, Tap on Device Info and you will see the Battery Level.

I have the same problem. I get operation failed whenever I try to add a new access code. I only have two codes entered. I tried clearing cache and restarting. Nothing works. Suggestions?

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I’ve had this problem for months. I’ve sent logs, etc with a total of zero attempts by the dedicated Wyze team to fix the bug. I usually could go to my Android phone to get the code established. When it did fail, it at least gave more info. On the Android, it was always that the code I was trying to set up was too close to an existing code.

Today, I called support finally. They had me do an uninstall/reinstall within Bluetooth range. But what if the lock had been on an Airbnb door miles away? The lock’s instability leaves me no choice to make give recommendations against it in Airbnb forums.

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