Updates for Wyze Cam Unlimited - 5/9/2024

I would be fine if the 4 we have now were a bit larger. To have six would be a plus.


Thanks for your feedbacks! Related to the mode and notification setup, it was technically hard to do both on the same UI since it’s hard to determine which settings get higher priorities and may conflict with each other. However we are working on unify it in the next few releases, I will keep you posted.
We are working on the filters with the summary section, so the "person events’ etc can be tappable on the summary section, and it will work as a filter on “My Day Show”. This will be included in next or two releases from now. I will let you know once it’s out.
Thank you again very much for your great feedbacks!


I will make sure the dark mode and landscape mode for monitoring tab before 2025. how about that? :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we will be working on swap view between different camera groups in next few releases. I will keep you posted on that.

Just to clarify the above mistype, I think you meant before 2024 ends, so before 2025, correct? Because it’s already 2024 :slight_smile:

That’s right, thank you!

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Thanks for the feedback! Ah, I guess there is no hard limitation on that, now I am thinking about it, yes, I agree, we should be able to assign cams as you desire when you open the slider. I just never thought that you would want to see an empty camera views when select any cameras. :sweat_smile:

Better than never :rofl:


@WyzeJxue, my thought process on Cam Unlimited is rather than blank screen views, when you open the slider, if no cameras are assigned, the action would be to open the camera list for you to select the cameras. How simple is that to program and execute?

For now, I’m content with the initial introduction and what is available. Look forward to future enhancements.

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I am curious if Wyze corrected the unreliable person/pet/package/car detection with this new feature. Wyze AI detected every motion regardless of which AI option is selected, and was even calling wind blown trees “person”.

With a yard filled with foliage, if the AI cannot differentiate between trees, insects or shadows, then it is my option that Wyze missed the mark.

I will not be paying for Cam unlimited or Any feature that is introduced without correcting the things that do not work. While paying for Cam Plus, I had to turn of all Notifications due to the high volume of false alerts.

Again, my friend, you speak in riddles and me no understand :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Multi view doesn’t remember the cameras I choose. The next day it goes back to 4 cameras when I only want to see 2.

How do I sync the time on the multi-camera view is off by an hour?

My time is synched properly. I do have another issue or flaw with multi-view. I loaded 2 cameras and liked the larger view. However, I went back in a few hours later and and the view was 1 full view and 1 view that was only the top 1/8th of the 2nd camera view. I closed out the app and went back in but the results did not change.

Again “regression testing”, get with it Wyze!

One cam at the time,

Not true. Only happens with less than 4 cameras. 2 or 3 cameras get the 1 camera at a time treatment. 4 cameras get you 4 views everytime you open multi-view. I’ve tested it multiple times.

Cameras load properly with the initial selections, shouldn’t be a no-brainer for those selections to be maintained regardless.

I upgraded from annual cam plus unlimited to cam unlimited, got double billed for the remainder of 2024 yet Wyze support said there is no prorated refund for my existing cam plus unlimited.

The whole point of this announcement is bait and switch to screw over existing customers, don’t forget Wyze is a Chinese scam company

They may make there stuff in China but there headquarters are in same city I live in. Kirkland, WA