Updates for Wyze Cam Unlimited - 5/9/2024

Where is Apple’s stuff made and where is it headquartered? Just got a new branded replacement battery for APC UPS and it was made in Viet Nam. Global economies dictate the flow of manufacturing in today’s markets.

I have enjoyed the new monitoring overnight activities capabilities and have decided that 6 cams would be a plus instead of the summaries (which I never used after I first explored them).

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I’ll second this idea. And option for a monitor screen of 6 cams and 6 timelines with events on an iPad would be much more useful to me than the summary screen.

Not sure of the memory impact of 6 cams at once ( I have an old iPad Air2 ) so def understand if stay with 4.

I do really like the “My Day Show” link to quickly get to a screen where i can watch all the My Days one after the other. That is great.

But the other summary stats don’t seem to be clickable and like @PaulT , I don’t really use that data - could always scroll down to them if needed I guess…

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Love the multi-camera timeline!

Would be great if we could get the same for SD card footage. Maybe just a button to switch to SD card.

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When I view the monitoring tab, all 4 cameras open up in around a second or two. But if I bring one to the forefront, the others go black and stay black until I back out and open again. Any tricks around that to keep them active? Mesh wifi, no weak dbm or signal.

There are still glitches with this function. The only action I have found that you can do and remain in it is switch and save new cam selections. Every other action requires you to back out and start over to get your 4 cams back.

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So, I’m confused. Or to put it another way, ‘to clarify’…

At the moment, the Multi-Cam Timeline feature:




access footage from an installed SD card.

If it CAN, in what circumstances DOES IT?

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I don’t know if this answers your question or not, @peepeep, but what I see for four cameras (all with microSD cards and no subscriptions) in the timeline on my Monitoring tab is a series of thumbnails for event playback, not motion video recordings.

That’s sufficient for my use, because if I want to review an event I’ll just go to the particular camera’s live view screen and pull up the individual microSD card recording timeline there.

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@WyzeJxue I would like to second Peeppeep’s request for clarification. I am still somewhat confused on who should be allowed to use the multicam timeline view or what it shows. In a recent email it says:

It’s free for all users, no subscription required

But it only works for me with my cloud events. Another user who doesn’t have any subscription said it only showed them the still image thumbnail for an event, and another person said it will use the SD card, but only if they have the Camera set to record “Events Only” to the SD and not “Continuous Recording”

Can we get some clarification on whether it only uses Cloud recordings/thumbnails, or when it uses the SD card, and if so, why doesn’t it use the continuous recordings? Also, will you ever update it so we can choose whether we want to scrub through cloud events or the continuous SD card recordings?

Lastly, you may want to check out this post and video recording of @jdawson.nf finding that it is not working properly for him and seems to be related to a glitch involving interpreting half-hour timezones incorrectly:

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Can someone point to where I can read what this is all about? I’m purposely avoiding the “Monitoring” tab because of all the warnings and conflicting opinions I’m seeing. I’m afraid I might set off the alarm in my cameras in the middle of the night.

I don’t know how important that distinction is, but my recording to microSD (without subscription) is Continuous, not Events Only, and I’m getting thumbnail “playback” on the Monitoring tab, not video recordings of events. For me, that feature acts like a 4-camera “My Day Show”, but with manual scrubbing, and it’s not any more useful than what I would see on the Events tab; it’s just presenting essentially the same information in a different UI.

Yeah, jdawson indicates that if you do continuous recording it might just show thumbnails and if you do events only it might show the events for the sd card. So I’m trying to clarify. I would just set some of my cams to events only without cloud recordings, but that still might not be definitive since I have Cam Unlimited, and maybe it treats an account differently based on whether they have a subscription or not. Even my secondary accounts have CPLite, so that could affect it to. Might as well hear straight from the Team in charge how it is supposed to work.

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I will throw my 2¢ in here…I have S23 Android with Verizon. I have the new unlimited account. I have 9 cams. 3 of which are wireless. I have SD cards installed in all 9 cams as well as my Outdoor base Station. Here is my screenshot. I have no issues seeing Live. I know clicking on the bottom “7 my Dy show” works. The 1 Day event works,
I know I can switch out cams to view. I pick all the exterior ones.

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@p2788deal - In a nutshell, who gets multi-cam view, who got multi-cam view, glitches being discovered and the relationship with which subscriptions, if any. Wyze announcements have been conflicting and no 2 users seem to be getting the same results. At least, my interpretation of comments and experience with multi-cam view. It’s been on my app since day 1 but I am not using it. I contributed a couple comments.

There’s no reason to avoid the monitoring tab, even if just to see if you have the mult-view slider and check out how it works. No harm, no foul. Wyze indicated it is free to all users. Perhaps I got in on the early rollout because I am a CP+ annual subscriber.

Right on. I don’t foresee the answer resulting in a change in my practice, but it’s definitely good to have a clear picture of how our choices as users will affect our experiences.

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Thanks, @Crease, that did help.

All my cams are on Cam Plus Lite at the moment, with SD cards recording Events only. I removed one cam from CPL and waited for some motion detections. They appear on the Multi-Cam Timeline as a thin vertical line which displays only a still image (thumbnail) when selected - no connection to the corresponding Event footage on the SD card.

Thanks for the second, @carverofchoice . I look forward to WyzeJxue weighing in. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is also my experience for viewing those events, though I’m doing continuous recording to microSD.

This is not my experience. Just looking at the four most recent events on the Multi-Camera Timeline on the Monitoring tab, I see that the time stamps correlate with the events shown on the Events tab. If I select into each camera (with marked events) and tap the SD Card button to get to an individual camera’s timeline, those are all matching up for me, as well.

Thanks for pointing this out and making me verify what I’m seeing. I’m not quite sure what to make of your “no connection” comment, because what I see is pretty much what I expect to see across the various tabs/controls/timelines. Like I said previously, my perception so far is that the revamped Monitoring tab is just another way of presenting the same information to users.

Having said that, I’m still interested in what else Jing has to say.

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‘No connection’ with respect to directly swapping-in sd footage if cloud footage is not available (because no subscription.)

I knew that wasn’t clear but I lost the will to write any more. Character flaw. :woman_shrugging::upside_down_face:

Wow - Lots of different experiences on this subject. And here I thought everyone’s was just like mine - all good. I only have one of my cams with an sd card and I see no difference in any of them. All show videos of events from the cloud. I use my iPad to slide through last nights events with cam unlimited. Have given up on my fire sticks since they are so glitchy and disconnect so often.