Anyone get this new multi-camera view to work?

The live view looks to work. But as soon as i scrub back in the timeline I just see this.

I have SD cards in all cameras.
And if I go to a place that has an event.

No joy.

It does work for me:

Though I am using Android (maybe there is an issue with the iOS version? We’ll need someone with iOS to confirm if it’s working for them)

I rarely have all 4 cameras getting an event at the same time, so at least 1 or more will always say “no event” on the screen.

The view is so tiny though. I am tempted to get a bigger tablet and see if that helps.

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Works for me same as @carverofchoice on my iPad and iPhone (neither especially new) on different WiFi networks, one being Starlink

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Wow. :astonished: I didn’t know you could do that, but I don’t have Cam Plus.

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Yeah, the new multi-cam timeline video scrubbing feature is really cool.

For now we’re limited to 4 cameras, but you can have them all play back recordings at the same time, showing everything that happened at the same time. It’s even possible to follow someone around a full perimeter. If someone walked around my house, the timeline would show them moving counterclockwise around those views…starting in the top right then move on to the camera in the top left, then move to the camera in the bottom left, and then move to the camera in the bottom right.

Pretty cool that it can totally follow someone around the entire perimeter. It’s a neat feature. I’d like for them to add more groups of 4 we can swipe between or allow the bottom section to collapse so we can extend it to 6 cameras at a time. But this is a pretty cool improvement to be sure. It might only be available to Cam Unlimited subscribers though.


Good to know. It is a neat feature.

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Per the Wyze email:

Major feature update for all users:

Multi-Camera Timeline View

Our biggest accomplishment this month is releasing a feature where you can see four cameras AND four timelines at the same time. It’s free for all users, no subscription required. Tap on the monitoring tab in the Wyze app now to check it out!
More Info


:thinking: Hmm…They should fix this because the timeline uses cloud events, and cloud events are technically not possible without a subscription (even CPLite is a subscription), therefore a subscription is definitely required for the timeline view or no cloud events will even show up, but they say no subscription is required.

At least it sounds like it’s not limited to Cam Unlimited


Wow. It does seem to work without a subscription.

Thanks @WildBill @carverofchoice

I just need more events.

Maybe I will run around the yard after dinner.


Is that “Southeast” cam an OG without a subscription? If so, please purposely trigger an event and see if it still shows the thumbnail image on the timeline or if it still shows nothing. I am curious if it even shows up anything on the timeline at all, or if it only shows cloud recordings (including cams with CPLite).

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Southeast is a V2 cam on the right.

Northeast is a V3 cam on the left.

Events show up on the time line, since I was in the backyard. There are no events in the front yard. Showing live showed all four cams. These events are pulled off of the µsd card on each cam.

I have no subscription. Amazing. Time for dinner.

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It uses the SD card in the camera so no subscription should be required. That said I have a 4 cam plus subscription.

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:thinking: I don’t think it does. All of my cameras do continuous recording to the SD cards, and on the timeline we see that there are very few places where I can watch video on some of them:


If it was using the SD card, then I should be able to see video on all cams 24/7 back for 2-4 weeks (I use large SD cards).

Plus the SD card playback can sometimes be glitchy and would be much harder to synchronize for this timeline.

Plus I am able to use it with a camera that doesn’t have an SD card in it at the moment, which indicates it must be cloud events.

This is why I was wondering if it would show any events for someone without Cam Plus on one of the newer cams where CPLite isn’t available. I am guessing it might not even show the thumbnail, but I am curious if it will.


Have you set up different tablets & smartphones with different groups of 4 cams?
Works nicely.

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I would assume this claim is in reference to the live view of the grid being free for all users with multiple cameras


Agreed, it looks to be just cloud events, not the continuous feed from the SD cards.

To use continuous feed from 4 SD cards would be really nice.
It might also be a little more difficult to synchronize due to the lag positioning and scrubbing through on each of 4 SD cards.

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NICE! I didn’t realize it allowed us to choose differently for different devices! I thought it synced our settings to the cloud and it would be the same on every device, but you’re right, we can choose different ones for each phone/tablet. I like that!

Kind of tempting to “clone” the Wyze app and edit the package name just so I can have multiple Wyze app copies on my phone and easily load up different sets of 4 depending on what I am want to look at.


I don’t have any subscriptions, but maybe I only get stills?

I can pull up the same video off of the SD card. When I view in multi-cam, I only see stills. I could accept that since I don’t have a subscription.

I think it uses the SD if you don’t have a subscription and uses the cloud if you do have a subscription.

Unless they gave me free cloud service when I hit level 3 and got my 5-year cake.

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I would like a camera grouping. Perhaps, Front Yard and Back Yard. But additional devices are good. I have another phone and two tablets.

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