Anyone get this new multi-camera view to work?

On your Southeast cam, do you have your SD card set to record events or to record continuously?

I wonder if it shows an SD card only if the recording is set to events-recording.

It would be nice if we could choose whether to use cloud events or the SD card. In some cases I would prefer one or the other. Generally I would prefer the SD card since it will always have a recording to view.

I would like it to work like the new camera’s playback timelines work…it will show the continuous recording in light blue, then show where in the timeline an AI Object event starts. Then, if you go back in the timeline so far back that there are no more SD card recordings, it will show cloud events in the timeline as a secondary option.

If they did could do that for this new multi-cam view, that would be awesome…show us the SD card recordings, but overlay it with where the AI events start on that timeline. Then we won’t have so many cameras showing nothing when motion is either too small or outside the detection zone…SD card playback would still show us everything.

First off they say it works for people who don’t have subscriptions. So based on that we know it can’t be Cam Plus events. So perhaps it is only for people with SD cards who record events only. I record 24/7 not events only. But even when I go to events in the timeline I don’t see anything.

I think the best feature of the cameras us 24/7 recording so even if an event is missed you can see what happened. Or you can see what happened after or before an event. I still get the event notifications but with the 24/7 recording I see so much more of what really happened.

They are marking it as a professional video option and in professional setups every records 24/7 so if they are only doing events they are falling far short. Hopefully this is a bug that will be fixed soon.

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Record events only. I see the full event on SD through playback, but only stills in multiview.

You have some good ideas. Hope they implement them.

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I have a differing opinion. I like events only. I live in the suburb and it is fairly quiet. I would wear out SDs with nothing happening. Who wants to scroll through hours of videos; apparently some do.

I am not sure if most people are aware, but I see palm fronds fall before they happen to fall in the video. There must be a 2-second pre-cache that copies event with a two-second intro.

Glad we have choices. People have different ideas. Hopefully both will never change.

Sort of. When it comes to the SD card, it saves recordings in full 1-minute blocks. So if motion starts 1-59 seconds into that minute, it will still save the previous x seconds from before that motion started because it saves the whole 1 minute block before motion started and the rest of the 1 minute block after it ends too. So sometimes the pre-roll or post-roll could be 1 second or 59 seconds depending on where the motion started and stopped. :wink:

The cloud is a little different though. Some newer cameras will do a pre-roll of a few seconds, but not all of them will.

Thanks for clarifying! This was what I was assuming and trying to find out. That makes a lot of sense and how I was thinking they would do it.

It would be nice if they made it work with the SD cards in the future.

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That is neat. I was checking on when a palm frown dropped and I was surprised to see it before it fell. Same goes with my iguana high-dive movie. Amazing.

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Get the iguana back and back and tell it to try a double backflip. :grin:

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Ha. When I told him to move on, I didn’t bother to ask for a forwarding address. I should put up a No Diving sign.

So do you have SD cards in your cameras? And do you have it set to do 24/7 recording or just event recording?

Ok I just figured it out… YOU MUST have EVENT ONLY recording turned on all your cameras in the SD card. If you have on 24/7 recording this will NOT work.

What a shame.

So this is NOT any sort of replacement for commercial camera systems like Wyze was telling everyone.


If it supports SD card events, I would think it should be easy enough for them to update it to support continuous recording. It’s still a fairly new feature.

If it does work with event recording on SD cards then as a worst case scenario, an establishment that doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee can just get a second $20 OG camera for the same room as a backup and have one camera do continuous and one do events.

That’s still cheaper than any commercial camera system. But even so, a lot of (though not all) commercial camera systems also require a ridiculously high monthly fee. Some can be $100/month or more. So for many of them, even if they get Cam Unlimited and just do it with cloud events, that’s still a great deal for many of them.

I think the biggest challenges to Wyze competing with commercial systems are:

  1. No DVR/NAS capabilities
  2. No RTSP to be able to customize it as needed including streaming any number of cameras all at once on the same screen reliably (the webview helps, but the layout and number of cameras is static and limited to the subscription)
    3} No PoE options, or even functional WPA3 (prevent jamming and deauth attacks)
  3. Cloud dependency. No authentication possible locally.
  4. Sometimes Detection Sensitivity is too limited for some people’s use cases. This could be mitigated if they allowed RTSP or if they allowed the multi-timeline to use continuous recording. But since neither of those are currently the case, this is an issue for some use cases.

I found out why mine isn’t working…
Look at the timeline in multi-cam.

It is off by 30 min… because I live in a timezone that is on a half hour. So using multi-cam the marks where the events show is off by 30 min from when they happened.


That is weird. I didn’t realize before you just mentioned it that there were timezones that were offset by a half hour instead of hourly, but I see there are a few, including yours. Interesting. Have you tried syncing your cameras’ timezone to your phone’s timezone? This could certainly be some kind of bug. Does this affect you in other ways in the app, or just this feature?

they are on the right time i did check. This is only a bug in the new multi-cam mode… all other modes look fine

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Hi, Thanks for reporting this, I will let our devs to take a look and keep you updated on the progress!