[Feature Request] Event viewing on timeline

All of my WyzeCams have a microSD installed, and continuously record.

When I review a motion alert, I often find myself looking at the time of day, and repeating that outloud so I don’t forget it while I go back to devices, and select the camera, and scroll back to that time, and zoom in, and scroll to the minute before or after the alert.

I suggest, that when a camera is continuously recording, its events should have a ‘link’ to the spot on the timeline where the event occurred.

Perhaps the user could opt whether to view the S3 recordings at all, or just play back from SD card by default when available. This would save you s3 throughput. MIGHT cost you more on video relay bandwidth, but not if the user is on the same wlan when reviewing the notification. But if a user wants to see the timeline around an event, they’re going to do it whether it’s easy or not, so you might actually come out ahead on this bandwidth wise. Check the usage statistics.

I wouldn’t want to do away with s3 storage of my event vids because they are offsite backup, and my SD card doesn’t last two weeks.

I have five cameras that are configured the same (local, continuous recording in SD). I left motion alerts enabled to act as a time stamp (I repeat it out loud too!) for when I need to review the playback. Here’s a rude awakening. In the one month I had the cameras online, I’ve gone from 330mb of data use (Comcast) to over 1TB. Of course I am getting the “we are going to start charging you” warning letters. Had to turn off motion events. Bummer.

That’s fear-mongering nonsense.

WyzeCam only uploads video when there are motion events. Not 24x7 like Nest and other competing products. So it should not add significant use to your internet connection.

And any ISP that charges per ‘gigabit consumed’ is outright fraudulent. (with exception, maybe, of LTE/mobile ISPs) If they tell you “they will have to start charging”, Tell them you’ve always been paying monthly. That’s nonsense.

Comcast is the problem here, certainly not WyzeCam. You need to change ISPs, right away. I use Google Fiber’s FREE PLAN, and they have never complained to me despite me maxing out my connection nearly 24 hours a day running linux distribution mirrors and a friggin TOR RELAY on it! I pay them nothing, and I have NEVER received a “over usage” letter.

@BillyCrook - that’s life with Comcast and no other choices. Once you go over the 1TB limit they charge you for every 10GB used or something like that.

@Rick - I have two camera’s and my usage went sky high with just two. No continuous recording, very few alerts and very few viewing of camera’s stream. Not sure if it’s something on my end, but I have not had the time, knowledge or tools to dig in deeper. They are sitting on the shelf until further notice. My co-worker had a similiar experience and decided to just pay for unlimited data from Comcast. I’m not willing to fork over $600 per year for that. If you (or anyone else) every figure out what’s going on, please let me know!

No other high speed choice here but Comcast. Scam or not, I was unable to figure it out. I just upgraded to unlimited data.

hmm. I can’t tell you you’re wrong. But I can tell you about my setup. I have 12 WyzeCam v2’s, and one WyzeCamPan, All have continuous recording in HD, not SD. My internet service plan is the cheapest option from my ISP. and I have only 1mbps upstream!

If WyzeCams were continuously streaming my video up to the cloud, there’s just no way I would have functional internet at home at all. They must not be doing it at my house.

I really like how they record locally, and upload events asynchronously. That’s perfect for me. When I watch them live at home, they clearly don’t use my internet because the picture is crisp and fast. If I watch them from my phone on a neighbor’s wifi. the quality and frame rate drops noticeably.

Brian, you don’t say what your definition of “sky high” is.

Billy, I wish I could go to some other high speed data ISP. My only choice is Spectrum cable. I have several sources of DSL, but that does not really qualify as high speed anymore. Frontier has FIOS about a half mile down the street from me, but has not added onto it in 5 years (it was Verizon for the first part of that). The really annoying part is that I have a nephew a half mile down the street that I could microwave data from - except the FIOS ends six houses from him and Verizon refused to extend it for a known customer that REALLY wanted it.

Read my post on data usage.