Unwanted motion detection and alerts in deselected detection boxes

Most of my cameras have a road in a portion of the overall camera view. I carefully deselected the boxes which show the road, but the camera still detect and alert for vehicle motion in these deselected detection zones. For one camera, I deselected the boxes for a bush with flimsy branches that easily wave in the slight wind, but even with a pro account the=at camera detects and alerts when they wave in a breeze. Is there a solution for this?

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It is possible that the trigger was not actually a vehicle in the deselected area. The Selection area triggers the event, but then the feed is sent to wyze AI and reviewed to determine if any of the AI selected options match what it sees. The entire image is interrogated at this point and not the selected area. Hence, it appears that the Moving vehicle is what triggered the notification.

Could you possibly post the video with the Motion tagging box selected so that you can see what actually triggered the event and so we can review it and assist?

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I am sending 2 vids and 2 screenshots. One vid (of the road at the end shows a truck passing by that is not in the detection zone and the other shows bush (tree) branches waving (that is also not in the detection zone. The screenshots show the detection zones. Ooooops. Hmmmm. while I have had a Wyze account for a couple of years I have just recently joined the community forum and got a message that new users can’t upload attachments. Is there a way to upload them, but not as an attachment? Or alternately, how long do I have to wait until I am no longer a new user?

Welcome to the Wyze community LookingGlass. I have increased your forum trust level to allow you to upload your screenshots and videos. Please try to re-upload.

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Thanls. I am uploading

I am sure that others will chime in as well.

  • I believe video one is triggered by the water / Rain passing in front of the camera towards the ground.

  • I believe Video 2 is triggered by the cover over the grill - I believe it is a grill.

What are your settings on each camera: Detection, Event Recording, and Notification Settings?


thank you for your continued support. You could be right. Re: video 1, I thought so too, but I only got alerts when a vehicle passed by on the road, or the tree branches (top right) swayed. See the latest attached video (but I may not have adequately deselected some of the tree that the green box in the recording shows as the detected motion - it does not show the rain drops).

Re: video 2, again I thought it might be the grill cover too and had early revised the detection zone to remove the bottom of the cover.

I have also attached screenshots of my Detection, Event Recording and Notification settings.

It may be better to wait until thee rain and the wind stops and then send some new vids and revised detection zone settings to further diagnose this.

I agree w\ @spamoni4.

In the first video, there is a lot of pixelation change from the rain in the detection zone, that starts the Motion Detected sequence. The cam starts recording and sending video to the AI server, the truck drives thru and gets motion tagged, the AI server then sees the truck and tags it as a Vehicle.

Note that the activation of the Motion Detected sequence is initiated by ANY motion within the limitations of the detection zone. But the AI Tagging is NOT. Once the Motion Detected sequence is started, everything within the full frame view of the cam is subject to AI interrogation and tagging.

The green box is in no way related to what started the Motion Detected sequence or AI tagging and it doesn’t always tag all motion all the time. It is unreliable to use when determining what initiated a Motion Detected sequence. When multiple things are moving, it will motion tag only the largest. It ALSO has a pretty hefty size\speed threshold to activate it. The Motion Tagging Green Box is simply a value added tool for users to see what is moving, that is all. It really doesn’t have any other use and is not used by the software in determining anything. It cannot be used accurately to determine what started a Motion Detected sequence. Turning it off will NOT change the behavior of the cam in any way.

In the second video, the cover is absolutely a possibility, but the branches on the left (top left of your detection zone) also show a lot of motion.

BTW, I get this all the time. Cams are quiet for the most part until the wind blows or it rains. Quite common in my opinion. I also get it on sunny days with wind when the Sunbeam Fairies start dancing.

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Thank you for your explanation. I think I understand hot it works much better now.

With regard to the mailbox camera, it seemed like I only got an Android text/audio alert notification when there was vehicle motion and the Android alert provided the time the vehicle moved thru the camera view (not the water droplets or waving branches) and the vehicle path on the road was not in a detection zone… I don’t think I got such alerts when there was just water droplets. (Same for the swaying branches.) But interestingly the vehicle was always shown at the very end of the blue block in the timeline detection gauge in the playback.

In the driveway camera the trees to the right of the driveway were clearly not in a detection zone but the cover may not have been. I have refined the detection zones and will give it a try to morrow as the weather is supposed to be rainy and gusty again.

I was unaware that the green box tagging can be turned on or off. Is that done by the “motion tagging” icon under “More? How do you know if it’s on or off?”

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I have my motion detection event recording on, but I have the notifications for these off, so I cant really be sure if/why you would get one and not the other if motion was initiated by other than the truck. But, given the very long length of the event video before the truck ever passed through the frame, I am confident believing that the cam was already recording a motion initiated event and the Truck came trough in the middle of that event. Events triggered by motion that is an AI tagged object are usually much shorter on the front end lead up video before you see the AI object in frame that caused it, usually a couple seconds.

Also, there are currently topics and a recent Fix-it Friday issue wherein users with both Motion Event Notifications and AI Event Notifications turned on are not receiving one or the other (mostly missing the Motion Only notificatons). This may well be related to that.

Black = Off
Green = On