I am going to go on a limb and say this video shows you all you need to know about how reliable these cameras are. The wind can blow and it will record but somehow it missed this ridiculously huge jeep pull into my driveway. No motion detection?? Really?

And on another camera I have set my detection zone 20 times not to include my sidewalk and yet people walking by (not in my zone) continue to trigger person detection.

I have places numerous service tickets and never once gotten a response. (Probably too busy responding to questions from people who ordered products 6months ago and were not delivered as promised)

These are ok if you want a pet cam but can’t rely on them for security or eat hi your loved ones.

There really are no exceptions to you get what you pay for.

And I was all in with many cameras, waiting for the security system and watches since 2020 but this is bad enough I am calling my credit card company and disputing the purchases for not coming.

Pandemic or not the products and service are exactly what you expect from a $25 camera. :man_shrugging:


But it didn’t miss it at all? Isn’t this a 12 second video showing that the regular Wyze motion detection recorded the Jeep arriving in your driveway? It even perfectly framed it for you as it tracked it.

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Incorrect, it did not detect the motion. I only noticed there was a keep in my drive way later in the day when a leaf blew by and it triggers motion detection. Then I saw the Jeep. I have an SD card in the camera so I had to scroll thru a days worth of video to figure out WHEN the truck drove into my parking spot.

Again this BIG JEEP did NOT trigger a motion detection… yes it was recorded and I found the clip by manually searching from the SD card.

Luckily in my case this was just my neighbors, but if it was someone trying to make trouble I would have known till after.

Fun toys but NOT security cameras.

Okay. Strange coincidence that the clip is exactly 12 seconds.

Do you have CamPlus service on the camera? If not, was there any motion event recorded in the 5 minutes prior to the jeep? Of course I’m asking because of the annoying 5 minute blocking “cooldown” period between event recordings without CamPlus. This could explain the miss.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure something triggered motion, then during the 5min cooldown, the jeep came in, but no alert was issued because something else happened within the previous 5 minutes. Happens to a lot of my outside cams when I am not using cam plus on them (I have some with it and some without). It helps to set both detection zones (as mentioned) and change the sensitivity, but it’s not totally perfect because we can’t control birds, insects, rain (looks like it had recently rained, maybe a nearby water drop off the roof set off the detection then it went into the 5-minute cooldown), leaves, etc blowing past, and if they are close enough they can fill enough pixels to set off the motion detection even when the sensitivity is turned down.

To resolve cooldown issues like this without a subscription, I bought a few Eufy 2K cams that work pretty well for this. They have their own issues (every cam I’ve tried out has different issues), but at least there is no worry about missing alerts like this during a cooldown period and all without a subscription. Wyze has admitted on AMA’s that Eufy is one of their biggest competitors, so I like that there is another company putting on the pressure to offer better features. I like having a failsafe backup for whenever one company or the other is having some issues. Though if “you get what you pay for” is an ideal, then perhaps it’s better to look at more high end cams. I’d recommend looking into something that can run locally with RTSP and give tons of control and features.

Sorry to hear some orders went missing. That happens to me a lot with FedEx SmartPost too. Really frustrating.

Best of luck. These sort of posts can help Wyze give future consideration to improvements such as allowing local edge ai detection that can give unlimited notifications without a cooldown period (even if the cloud uploads themselves still have a cooldown to reduce costs). I hope that’s what Wyze takes away from this…consider how Eufy is able to do local AI detection notifications without cooldowns and become more competitive.


I really appreciate the thought however I pay for cam plus for this camera which would have recorded any motion with no cool down

I agree that demonstrates, as you said, that cooldown is absolutely not the issue then. Certainly frustrating. Thanks for the follow-up.

Does Wyze read these anymore? @WyzeGwendolyn

Figured I would post my review and comments before I put reviews on Amazon.

To what end? I am just curious. Is there something Wyze could do in the next few days/weeks to get the review to change somehow?

That is interesting. I would have expected it to continue beyond the 11 seconds and capture the individual driving the vehicle. Are you sure you activated CamPlus on this camera and not another one? Just curious as most of my camera’s on Camplus records much longer than the 11 seconds.

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He said he pulled that video from the SD card because no event was triggered (which is why I thought maybe a detection zone or sensitivity issue instead…?)

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I agree, saw that as well. Correct me if this is incorrect: If CamPlus was hooked up to that Camera It should have caught something then. Sounds like there was or is some bug or issue. Mine have been pretty active with the wind blowing around today, I can’t say I missed anything, but anything is possible. My issue today was trying to stream live video with the constant motion triggers going on. I would get the notifications but it was so frequent, it was difficult connecting to the stream - this is another issue, unrelated to this topic. :slight_smile:

I was also verifying that he actually had CamPlus hooked up to that camera. I have seen where some have foregone CamPlus and decided to use the SD Card solely. However, I think this is not the case, but wanted to verify.

BTW: I also have some Eufy Camera’s up as I am transitioning to Wyze and need to finish my Cabling. But as you indicated, it is nice having a backup in place. I also agree, there have been issues with other camera’s I have owned as well: Eufy, Arlo, RIng, and Wyze. So none are perfect and each has there own Pro’s and Con’s.


If they did something to correct all the issues I am having and finally reached out to respond to my open tickets.

Yes, I do indeed have cam plus on this camera and have a SD card for back up. This was just a quick clip I took from the SD card. I am surprised I took it exactly 12 seconds. Lol.

Again these are decent priced monitors but NOT security cameras or system. Too many issues with detecting events. I only noticed the truck was there when the wind blew and the bushes behind the truck set off motion detection and I said “hey where did that truck come from” and had to manually search. Better than nothing but it would have been nice if this alerted me, if is was someone doing something bad they would have been long gone when I noticed.

But the fact that no one from Wyze can respond is also inexcusable. I have had numerous issues like this and in fact have another camera that does the opposite. I have zones set up and it records motion OUTSIDE the selected detection zone.

But that said I am going to call my Cc company and cancel my “home monitoring system” as I don’t have faith in it based on this experience.

I don’t think they are even reading as I would have hoped they at least responded or said sorry.