Unreliable connection to camera

The Wyzecams are a great value, and I can see that you guys already got a long list of feature requests, etc…

But can you please see if you can address the issue of poor connectivity? Most of the time, I have some issues connecting to the camera, and it’s not my WiFi; I can connect to other non Wyze cameras on 2.4ghz just fine. It almost seems like the cpu is overloaded and can’t service the socket connection. If this is limited by hardware, maybe it’s time to crank up the clock speed? Or make a Pro version that cost a little more, but has more memory and cpu to enable features not possible with the current hardware.

I have 2 wyze v2 and 1 pan cam. They do not connect on my iphone using wifi. But if I turn off my iphone wifi, they easily connect using my cellular data.

I could easily connect with my non-Wyze cams using wifi on my iphone.

I have the exact opposite problem - I can connect and operate normally over any WiFi connection (at home or remotely), but when I try to do it over 4G/LTE it hardly ever connects, and if it does, it is very slow and I get booted after a few seconds.

Is there a way to get local shell access on the camera? Or at least get some sort of log to see what’s happening on the camera?

If I reboot my iphone, wifi access to wyze cams would grudgingly work. It would take 25 seconds or more before the live video shows up.

After a while, video feed using wifi starts to fail and then no more.

But with cellular data, the live video shows up in less than 7 seconds.

So what’s wrong? Is it the app?



No reply since JULY 20!8?

This is exactly my experience. I’ve been exasperated with the unreliability of these cameras. And then I came across this thread. Never would I have considered turning off wifi to improve the apps connectivity. But lo and behold, turning off my iPhone wifi and I can connect almost INSTANTLY to all my cameras.

Wyze, respond please!

Hello @TheRealDoug Looks like you have posted in an older thread. I currently do not use an iPhone or iOS, but I will see if I can get some help over here for you. @rbruceporter @Newshound @HDRock

Edit: If you don’t receive the help you need here on the forum, you can Submit a Request directly to Wyze support below:

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I also use an iPhone. In some cases even though you are close to your router and other things are working just fine you will experience difficulty with the App and Cameras connecting. Turning WiFi off and relying on your cellular connection removes WiFi from part of the mix.

This sounds like you would benefit from speaking directly to Wyze. We are all volunteers that are users just like you here. While Wyze does respond from time to time here your best bet is to open a ticket with Wyze on the support site. (Top right link on this page.)

They have the tools and expertise to determine what exactly is interfering with your connection.


Not sure iOS is involved here, and I’m not Wyze, but I’ll take a stab.

There hasn’t been a reply since July 2018 because this is not a common issue, unless things have changed in the last few hours. My cameras are all working as they always have (I always have a live feed up on my iPad Air 2 when I am home and awake).

The difference here is you are now receiving your camera feeds from the Wyze servers through your cell phone network, instead of directly from the cameras thru your router to your phone. This may make things improve if your cell phone network is faster, or your router low-end.

One thing you have done for instance is keep the router from having to re-transmit the camera feed inside the WiFi network after it receives it from the camera. That drops the transmissions on your network. Instead it feeds it to the Wyze servers over the cable going to your modem, which then feeds it back to your phone over the cellular network.

So what is the mfgr/model of your router and mobile device?


I have an Orbi and 3 satellites. I’ll admit it’s unfortunate how Orbi handles sticky clients and satellite channels, but it’s also clear that Orbi works well with most devices.

My network has little interference and is on a channel that is non-overlapping (1) and none of my neighbors within detection range are on this channel. The amount of noise is insignificant and not worth mention.

While I’m no longer a network engineer, my friend is a highly certified and specializes in building professional systems at large scale. We’ve brought his equipment over and found mine to be full and strong coverage beyond my property line. Tracing the connectivity to the cam, I find a low but not insignificant amount of dropped packets and a fair latency. The NIC remains responsive while the stream is frozen.

I’ve also tried the RTSP firmware, which suffers frequent drops as well. I have noted when the phone app is actually streaming, the problem worsens. Additionally the phone app streams drop at the same time RTSP does.

The indication is that while the cameras’ NIC remains connected and responsive, the stream is intermittently dropping. Several times a minute for varying lengths of time. Something is overwhelming the camera’s ability to encode, would be my guess.

It’s hard to believe that few people are talking about this issue on the Wyze forums, given that a quick google turns up a good amount of reddit and other chatter on the subject, to which Wyze employees have responded on occasion, however with no resolution.

This is why I necro’d this thread. It’s an issue that hasn’t received a resolution, nor adequate attention.

Well, I can only say this situation is not common or in my experience with my 7 cams, so we should look towards the possibility of a malfunction.

I will post a link to a user that posted a manufacturing defect just 7 hours ago that could affect your cameras, depending on the extent of this defect.

One thing I would do for sure is contact Wyze support on the affected cameras. They have tools that can prove there is plenty of signal strength at your cams and determine whether the cam should be replaced.


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I have 5 v2. They all suffer the same issue. If it is a manufacturers defect as depicted in this post, it was widespread. I purchased them over the course of a few months all together. On the other hand, I don’t think my pans (x2) are suffering the problem. I’m going to open one up when I get the chance.

Thanks for the lead.