UNnecessary app blocking on Android - "This log in attempt seems strange"

I literally just logged off the Wyze app on my Android phone, then tried to log back in, with the SAME USER AND PASSWORD, and it’s giving me some nonsense “This log in attempt seems strange”
Absolutely ridiculous.
You don’t lockout legitimate users.

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Most people that reported this issue have reported that it often happens when they are using one of the following:

  • VPN
  • TOR
  • Ad Blocker
  • Other DNS privacy filter
  • Other IP Address hiding feature

Someone reported testing this purposely with something that worked, and intentionally doing like 5 failed login attempts and getting their IP banned (maybe temporarily?). So if you are using a VPN or otherwise shared IP address in some way, it’s likely that another bad actor attempted to do credential stuffing or brute force attack with that IP address and got it put on the suspicious list.

People have reported that if they turn off their VPN that leverages shared IP addresses, or at least switch servers or turn off other privacy features then they are allowed to log in again.