Multiple v3 cameras unusable because I cant login in any of my accounts. Possible IP block? Wyze Ticket 2844050

Bought total of 5 Wyze V3 cam for timelapse for my projects and for CCTV in my place but 2 days ago when switching to my other Wyze account in my android phone i got this strange “Login failed - invalid user name errors” after multiple tries with same error I tried to change my password but I got this incorrect password again after I input the correct email verification. This is really frustrating and customer support keeps telling me that maybe account is blocked because of multiple login attempt but I insisted that its possible that my router IP or device IP’s are blocked because i created 3 other accounts successfully but I keep getting this “Login Failed - Invalid User Name or Password” error.

I also tried using my other android phone and android simulator on my PC but still having this error. I also tried loging in Wyze web page and I got this “This login seems strange. The server has blocked it for security”

I’m planning to get another 5 cameras but with this kind of customer services. I’m hesitating now.

Please help!!!

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Since you got this message:

I would recommend contacting from the email address you set up the account under (include your user name in your email) and ask them if they can tell what is going on and why it gave you a security message like that and if there is any reason your account is refusing to work. Include your Support ticket number.

Let us know if you don’t get it resolved and we can try to escalate this for you.

Some questions I have:

Are you using a VPN?
Did you activate 2 Factor Authentication?


Thanks for the response.

I’m not using any VPN sir. And I have my F2A on all of my accounts.

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Alright. Go ahead and email security like I mentioned above and let us know if you’re still having problems after that. They might know what’s going on here since it did give some security warning.


Roger on that sir. Thank you very much!


All accounts are working now sir. Thank you very much! Have a great day ahead!