Failing to reset password

Hi. Could not login with stored credentials. When I try to reset password in the wyzecam site on a friend’s new registration he does not receive the reset code and cannot login to connect his new cameras. Many attempts to reset password have failed to work. Please help!

That really sounds like you need to call Wyze Support. Not sure if anyone in the community can help with resetting your password.

Since this is new, it makes me wonder if password reset fails because there isn’t a new account established under that email yet. How about trying to create the account anew again, just in case?

Thanks for the tip! I did try re-registering the account but couldn’t do that because it was already registered. Just wouldn’t allow login with the password used to register!

I suspect the ISP mailing service inadvertently filtering that class of email out before hitting internal filters and junk mail.

It appears no one has seen this and that give me hope for solving it the ISP route. There are no problems with gmail for example.