Created account but nothing works

I created an account online, but when I try the WYZE app on android it responds “Invalid Username… blah…blah”.

When I ask for a password reset it says “You have reached request limit…”.

So basically I’m looking at this little white box which does nothing…

Advice please.

I am confused, if it says your username is invalid why would you request a password reset? In any event you need to contact Wyze Support.

You can do that here. We are just users like you that help other users but account issues have to be addressed by Wyze Support.


I contacted WYZE support and the issues were resolved.

Everything is now working very well.

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What was the problem? Just in case anyone in the future has this same issue and find this thread they know how it could be handled. Thanks!

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Okay… a couple of stupid things…

There is more than one android app called “WYZE”… Get the right one.
If you have more than one wifi network in your home make sure your phone/pad is using the 2.4Ghz one.

I’ve been on the interwebs since the days of acoustic couplers. You’d think I would know better :sunglasses: