Password Signing Up Problem

Hi, I selected the WYZE cam after reading the good review on Amazon. I follow the instruction and download the app. Sign in for a new account. Everything went fine until I try to sign in the second time when it asked for the password again for confirmation. Nothing happened after I wrote the password the second time. I even went back and copy and paste what I wrote, and it still wouldn’t let me click next. I change it several times and still didn’t couldn’t click next. Is there some other way to sign up? Can I do it from my computer?

Wecome abord @annanew1000 Yes, create an account on-line at:

Register your camera there by scanning the QR code on your phone.

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Thank you! I was able to register on my computer, but now I have a new problem. When I went to my phone to sign in, it read that I either have an invalid password or username. I checked on my computer to make sure it was the same one and tried again. It still read that I either have an invalid password or username.

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Good morning @annanew1000 There may be easier solutions but suggest to delete the Wyze app from your phone, Shut it down, Restart,

Reinstall the Wyze application (there is a new version since last night) and give it a try again. Since you had problem with the phone app in the beginning make sure to get it from Google Play Store
The current version for Android is 2.13.118

Wyse has also released new Firmware for the camera. I’m not sure which one you have but you may find a list here: