Trying to register new device / account

New user trying to set up a WyzeCam. I downloaded the Wyze App, but when I open the App I don’t get an option to create a new account. Instead I get Start or Login.

If I select Start I go to a device pairing page. No devices appear. When I select “can’t see devices” it goes to a create or redeem Invitation page. When I generate a code the camera says its not valid.

If I select Login, it presumes I already have an account.

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the community, @mashipe. Maybe one of these two support pages will clear things up for you.


The problem is when I open the Wyze App I don’t go to ’Sign up’ on the App screen referred to in the instructions and these guides.

Instead I find myself in a screen that tells me to:

1. Download and open Security Camera on two devices.

2. Tap start button on just one device.

Then displays 2 icons, “start” and “Login”.

I did create an account at When I try login using the Wyze App I get the message ‘wrong email/password’.



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Where did you download the Wyze app from, and what version is it? That doesn’t sound like the official Wyze app. It should be from “Wyze Labs, Inc.” Is there a way you can post a screenshot of the app you are using?

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You were right, I had the wrong software.

When I searched Wyze App in the Apple App Store it returned numerous results, with Amazon Photos being first, Wyze second characterized as ‘Lifestyle’, Home Security Monitor and others. I mistakenly downloaded Home Security Monitor.

I appreciate the help.

I’m up and running — and in total disbelief about the quality and value of this product. Kudos Wyze.


You have to know how to choose the app that is installed. Good thing you already resolved. Regards

Awesome! Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: