Can’t see my devices or anything on the app

Had anyone have any issues with the app ? My wife and I opened our apps and looks like it’s been installed for the first time . None of our devices are there nor was was my user name . What could this be ?

Reboot your phone.
Open the app and login to your WYZE account if necessary.
It’s odd that this is hsppening on both devices.

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@andyhfilmz Welcome to the Wyze community!

In addition to’s suggestion, delete the Wyze app and reinstall if the above suggestions don’t work.

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Thank you both but this is weird. I can’t even add a device, can’t add a username. I can’t do anything. I opened up a ticket. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and so did my wife and it still doing the same thing on both phones.

I got it to work thank you. I followed @angus.blackadvise and also uninstalled app before rebooting. I installed app again and wallaby’s! All my devices were there. Thank you both. It’s strange that two different phones are having same issues. Wish I knew what caused the problem.


Sometimes you have to force close an app to get it working right again.
Rather than trying to explain how to force close I just get people to reboot the device. That force closes everything.
You should do that once a week anyway just to start fresh once in a while. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear :+1:

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Thank you for your help.



That’s a good show and that advice “fixes” computers a lot.:slightly_smiling_face: