All devices gone from app

I was going to install new cameras and opened up my app on 9/6/22 and found zero devices. Nada, nothing, zip. No events, no history…I did not exist. I made a support ticket and last reply mentioned that they found a bug on their end and it was nothing on my end that failed.

My question is should I reinstall or wait? What is the chance that my devices will reappear? I have heard negative words about Wyze support and I am experiencing that now for myself.

I have suffered thru headaches with Wyze before but hung with them. I am not sure how I can go forward with trust in the Home Monitoring system after this occurrence.

Any advice is welcomed.

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Strange, are you by chance using a vpn? Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling the latest from the App Store. Also try signing out and back in.

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