WYZE app logged me out and deleted all my devices

I went to check my wyze cams as I’m away from home and use them to keep an eye on my cat.
As soon as I clicked on the app yesterday it had logged me out- but when I logged in again all my cameras were completely deleted.

I tried customer support but got nothing other than reboot my phone which did nothing.

Very frustrated bc now I can’t see my home while away and I have no way to set them up again without being able to scan the cameras.

You’d think they would be tied to my user account but they are completely missing after logged in.

Anyone else experience this issue?

Never experienced this. Do you have another device to logon to your account and see if the devices appear on it?

I would do the following after testing with a different device, if possible.

  1. Log back into the problem streaming device
  2. go to Account, bottom right
  3. Clear Cache from that page
  4. Backout 1 page and choose log out
  5. Restart the Device
  6. Log back in and see if they appear again

Note: Make sure you are not using a VPN



Yes, @spamoni is absolutely right. We see this happen once or twice every couple of years. Its happened twice lately, you would be the third to report it. So rare, not enough to figure out the cause.

You can’t cheat the suggested solution. You MUST log out of the app, not simply close it. You must shutdown the phone. You must of course log back in. People have reported back that this fixed the problem. Your devices are not gone.


I must be on the premium server. I don’t see these issues.


Its rare. I’ve been around here for years. I had not seen it reported again until just recently - here. I answered on it twice in April or May. I could probably find my replies if I need to. This is the third time recently after many years. Its very rare. (Had I not experienced it myself many many moons ago, I would not know how to answer.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I did try logging out but not the cache piece- and I logged into other devices and desktop with my account and my devices were still completely gone. I ended up just re-adding them, and did so before seeing the steps to clear cache etc. if it pops up again I’ll give that a try.

Thank you!