Wyze App removed all my devices

I opened my Wyze app on my iPhone like normal but all of my devices are gone. I checked my iPad and they were still there. I restarted the app, and the phone. Logged out of my account and back in,… no change. I tried to simply re-add the devices and when I got to the door lock, it says device is already connected to another device. I checked the iPad, it showed it there but I can’t access it. Now all my cameras only show snap shots, no 12sec replay of events. The cameras are no longer on my iPad, shared cameras ( I use to monitor my at risk parents) are no longer available….what the hell happened and how do I fix this?

I would try doing one, or both, of the following:

  1. Clear Cache from Within the App. This is located under Account > App Settings.

  2. You probably aren’t since you have an iPad, but if you are using Android, I would long Press the App, select App Info, the do a Force Stop followed by going to Storage and Cache, the clear Cache from here as well.

  3. Uninstall the app and then load it again, after a reboot.


Thanks, I’ll give it try. Another strange change is that I had my account setup with two number authentication. When I login on my iPad and my wife’s phone it still works that way but from my phone, it just logs in without that second authentication.

You are normally prompted for 2FA when you logon to the app after a logout/Logoff. 2FA Validates who you are to get into the app. Once you successfully logon, you will not be required to enter your 2FA info on subsequent access to the app. However, if you log out of the app and then Log back in, you will be prompted.