Wyze app account reset from my iPhone?

I opened my Wyze app today from my iPhone. It asked for password (have never done that). I input the password and all my devices are gone. I have several bulbs, several cams (v1 and pan), door lock and gateway. All gone.

I look around the Wyze app. I also noticed it also remove my “Two-Step Verification”, SMS and authenticator app. It is like my account got reset or something. This is bad.

However, I can still use Siri to control the lights on/off. (I setup through IFTTT)

What happen? Did my account got hacked?

My last use of the Wyze app was yesterday.

Hang tight, something very similar had happened multiple times over the past month where some customers (but not all) have devices disappear, Wyze finds some weird issue and fixes it then things go back to normal and all your devices show back up in a few hours or couple days. I’m sure this is the same thing.

Maybe submit a support ticket too. I’m sure your stuff will reappear, so don’t try to do setup again or anything if you’re able to control through Siri

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Thank you for that!!
I’ll wait patiently. Same for the Wyze vacuum I just ordered… waiting patiently.

I found two of the recent threads announced from Wyze themselves (there are other general threads from people like you who noticed on their own, but here are the Wyze threads from earlier outages that might help you understand what’s going on):

I didn’t see any Wyze announcement any later than 11/6/20, so you can keep an eye out, or maybe go reply to the last one to let them know it’s happened again to you.

And I just noticed it says if it’s still happening to you to contact support and let them know it is continuing still. So probably do that. :wink:


Looks like they posted a service advisory. Hopefully it resolves your issue too:


I have something similar just happen - I log in and it goes back to the login screen in a loop.

Same thing is happening to me. It logged me out and I can’t log back in. Keeps kicking me to the sign in screen.

Same. Asking for my password and cannot log in.

Same here - app looks like it wants to log me in then decides not to & asks for password again. First time I was asked for my password was a day or two ago and then it worked normally. Opened app & used it this morning fine, but now can’t login at all.

Login to the Forums works fine tho.

Support says says they are experiencing login problems

Updates and discussion on the issue can be found at the link below

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Thanks the update!