Deleted app while troubleshooting recent outage, can I get my devices back?

While trying to troubleshoot the recent issue that Wyze app has been having and before I realized it was a known issue I took the step of deleting and reacting the app. I did not consider the fact that it would likely make me re-add every single device I have. I have close to 20 Wyze devices in total and I’m looking for any way to restore that data without having to add them one by one and reset up thermostats and cameras, etc.
I have iCloud backups turned on and I’m hoping that that ends up being my saving grace here or if Wyze has the devices I’ve set up linked to my account somehow or something?
Anyone know what I should do here?

Probably not. There are apps that give users the ability to save/restore configuration details. This allows one to reinstall and regain their settings. Wyze hasn’t gotten the idea yet.

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If you deleted the app and did not delete the devices in the app, when the app is reinstall the devices will appear again. Nothing will be lost, I do that all the time. Your information will be pulled back down from Wyze.

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Deleting/uninstalling the app DOES NOT normally delete the devices from the app. I uninstall my App all the time, then I reinstall it and everything is still there.

Canceling and deleting your Wyze account would do that though. If you deleted and canceled your Wyze account, then that can’t be restored…because you would have asked for it to be deleted.

Chances are, if you removed the app, then added it back and your devices aren’t there, you probably logged in with a different account than the one the devices were listed under. Consider if you maybe used a different email address than what you thought.


Or a connection issue with Wyze servers or Wyze servers not working right like the other day. I installed the Wyze app on another device during the outage and it was empty. Sometime later all devices were added.

Handy to have it synced online =)