On Wyse Beta upgrade I did not initiate, all devices disappeared

I have been a WYZE supporter for a long time. I have about 6 WYZE cameras installed and another 6 plugs. I signed up for WYZE beta when it became available. So far so good. Recently when I logged into my WYZE app, the app appearance was different in that it was soliciting a new service, but notably, all my previously installed devices had disappeared. I reached to WYZE but after some delay their response was less than real helpful.
I really do not want to reinstall that many devices, some of which are not all that easy to get to.

Help? Ideas?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I had the same thing happen to me and it ended up being my McAfee VPN. After I turned off the VPN, all my devices appeared in the app again. This may be the same issue with yours. Are you using a VPN on your device?