Adding a new second camers

I just bought a second cam v3. How do i get it to connect with my account?

Follow the setup procedure. Should be on quick start guide that came with the camera.

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  • Open your Wyze App.
  • On the Home Tab, tap the + sign on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Add Device
  • Select Cameras
  • Select Wyze Cam V3

Follow the rest of the steps the app tells you to do. :+1:


Its saying ready to connect. I dont know what to do. Guide doesnt say. Its been a while since i set up my first. I remember having to scan qr code. Please baby me.

Thank you very much carver!!

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Let us know if you need more help brendaJo. Hopefully you can get it from there.

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Good information here.


HelloYesterday I changed the password to my wifi so my neighbour who hacks into my electronic equipment used that to block my Wyze cameras. I ended up restarting from scratch to get my cameras connected again and enter my new wifi password. I had Cam Plus on them but now it needs to be reinstated.
Can you please handle this for me and confirm? This was at 4am.
Thank you.
Brenda Billard

@brendaJo I do not work for WYZE, I am just another camera user like 99.9% of the people on this forum.
Open your WYZE app, on the bottom right side tap account > on the next window tap services then tap Cam Plus and see if you have it, it will look like picture below: