Cant sign in on app

I never signed out of my wyze app but somehow it has done it. I go to sign in and it ask for an authentic verification code. It tells me how to get this taken care of but to do the instructions, you have to be in the app. So now I cant get into my app or my cameras at all. I do not and never have had the authentic verification code set up. It wont give me a code because I am not set up for it. I’m pretty pissed off that this is happening. We have security cameras for SECURITY. I need to protect my family and home. I have uninstalled the app and installed it…still nothing.

Either a glitch or someone else compromised your account. You should probably call support. I’m thinking you may have to create a new account and reset all your equipment. :frowning:

The app does occasionally time out and require you to re-enter your ID and password, but I assume you are talking about two factor authentication that you never enabled.

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