Wyze connectivity

This morning i opened my Wyze app and it had logged out. I logged in and the app won’t list my devices. I get a message Failed to … service code 3840
I can’t add my cameras back on because the app won’t give me a qr code to read. Tried again and the app won’t even launch the sequence to add the camera.
Can’t call Wyze , can’t contact anyone immediately (which should be illegal) . Wifi isrunning, phone is connected. I even tried deleting and reloading the app. Help!


Sorry can’t help you besides to tell you that it’s an issue for many, if not all, people.
I haven’t found a way to contact them in real time or find out if they are aware/working on it


Thank you. Now I’m getting a server failure.
They have all contacts for customers. If they are having server issues they should be sending emails, notifications and updating facebook


Yep I’m getting the same error code! I hope they can fix it soon

Same here. deleted app. updated app. cleared cache. nothing. This company has really gone downhill.

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Having the same issue. At least now I know it’s not on my end. Hope they fix the issue soon!

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206-339-9646 is their only working customer service number, to my knowledge.

Yeah two of our 4 cameras won’t connect and this is second time this week. Plus wife’s app won’t even open. Wyze needs to update or fix issues

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Play Store had an update waiting which I did yesterday. Now everything is disfunctional.
Waypoints gone, won’t fetch videos from SD card, cameras won’t reset, that’s all I’ve noticed so far.

Getting code 3840
Was trying to delete old recordings and that’s the code keeps showing up.

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I do have the same issue

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I just checked again and now can see my cameras via the Events tab. They are recording events. however can not access those events and all of the cameras are named (Unknown Device).

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Same issue.

Phone: (206) 339-9646

Toll free: (844) 999-3226

Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

The 844 number is dead

Not surprised. Thanks.

They don’t care if it works or not just keep paying your cam plus subscription for security that doesn’t work because the system is down.

Yea I got the same thing. I’m relieved others have which means it’s a WYZE issue and they are probably working on it

Same - also glad I’m not alone. And now I can stop troubleshooting!

Glad I did not subscribe to any paid service. Clearly unreliable company …