Can't log into Wyze app on my phone but I can on laptop and tablet

I’m not sure which forums is correct for this, but I am having issues logging into the Wyze app on my android phone (Samsung S21). I can log into my account on my laptop and can log into the app with my samsung tablet.

The app on my phone is telling me that the username or password is incorrect, which I know is wrong.

I’ve already restarted the phone and reinstalled the app, but nothing seems to fix this.

Any thoughts on a fix?

Make sure you don’t have caps lock on, make sure spaces and everything are correct.

If your sure it’s correct, try uninstalling the app on your phone and installing it again.

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Do you have a VPN app enabled on your phone that may be blocking your login?

When my VPN is in lockdown mode after using it for a secure encrypted connection, and I forget to open it back up to standard traffic, my Wyze login will do this:

Since I am using a fingerprint verified auto fill for my username and password from my password manager, I know it is entered correctly.

Open up the VPN doors and login is successful.


If you are running something that prefills the username field, selecting username from the keyboard’s smart typeahead choices or pasting the username into the input field, check for an invalid space appended to the username. Same for the password. Tap the show hidden text icon to the right of the input field to verify that no space is appended.


Yep vpn was the issue.

Thanks everyone for your help. I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out what was going on.