Latest Wyze Cam problems

I’m having trouble using Wyze app on iPad app.

Wyze app works on Android.

Lastly, I cannot access wyze website, except for clicking on an existing link from old email.


Let’s start off with, what versions and what troubles. Can’t give much help with so little information.

And do you mean that if you type in into your browser it does not get to the Wyze website?

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ok. now the website is working for me on the browser.

is it or

I’m using iPadOS 14.6 and Wyze app version 2.21.33

Either one works for the main site. There is some history there for those that have been around for a while. The forum is on

As for your app versions, that is essentially what I am using on my #$%^& iPhone 8. No problems. what kind of problems are you having?

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Trouble logging into the Wyze app on iPad.

You are still insisting on giving very little information. What kind of trouble? Are you not getting to a log on prompt? Is it saying your password is wrong? If you are using two factor authentication, is it telling you that the 2FA code is wrong, or you are not receiving the 2FA code? Something else?

You ask for help and then just barely give any information so that we can help you. You are our eyes. Tell us what you are doing and seeing. We’re not mind readers…

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I open app. Login appears.

Email/username already there.

I use a password manager. Autofill.

Click signin. “Login Error. Problem connecting to server. Please try again.”

Are you certain the password manager has the correct password? Is it entering it with a space at the end? Have you tried manually typing in the user name and password?


Clicked on “show password” … there was no invisible space.

My Android phone has been working fine though.

Saw a post elsewhere, do you by chance have a VPN running on the iPad? If so, turn it off and see if you can login. Another suggestion was to turn off the setting for private MAC on the wifi connection. Also something about turning off iCloud backups seems to fix some of these issues with logins.

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VPN is provided through my router.

But I’ll try both later on.