"This login attempt seems strange" - app blocking access on iOS

I recently got a message on my iPhone that says “This login attempt seems strange. The server has blocked it for security”. I can log in on the web. I use a VPN on both but when I paused the VPN on the phone it didn’t help. Any help appreciated! (I submitted a help request to support but haven’t yet heard back).

I am sorry this is happening, you may also want to send an email to security@wyze.com describing the issue since the warning is security related.


In addition to sending an email as WyzeJasonJ recommended, please try turning off your VPN, leave it off and restart your phone, try accessing again. If successful, see what happens when you reenable your VPN. If unsuccessful, wait for a response from the Wyze Security Team. They should be able to provide some insight.


I can’t load the wyze app with my vpn anymore either. I sent an email

Reporting back: I contacted Wyze support and they suggested trying a different connection (i.e. drop WiFi and go to cellular in my case). This immediately allowed a connection for me, and when I turned WiFi back on it still stayed connected. Surprising and strange but it worked. Turning VPN off and rebooting did NOT help me when I was on WiFi.

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This is expected. For security reasons wyze (and a lot of other companies) are blocking detected vpn connections, especially when it comes to authentication stuff.

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I confirm this solution works, turned off the VPN and turned off and on the Wi-Fi

ugh, this is starting to get out of hand. Not only do I keep getting dozens of “We Detected a New Login” emails a day now, but I was also getting the “This log in attempt seems strange. The server has blocked it for security.” message when I had my VPN OFF, but was ok with my VPN on. But today it’s the opposite. Heck, I wasn’t even allowed to log into the forums in till I turned my VPN off. WHY is wyze suddenly having SOOO many issues with VPNs now??

OMG, now it’s basically half of the time that I get this stupid “This log in attempt seems strange. The server has blocked it for security.” thing just because I am using my VPN! Also I keep getting DOZENS of “We Detected a New Login” emails a day, this is starting to get really annoying! It never used to be this way, why is using a VPN so frowned upon all the sudden?

PLEASE, just STOP this!


I am having the same, no VPN in use. I get a lot of emails with my IP, which always seems to be the same, hard to tell since they don’t send the full address.

And I have to click the login button half a dozen times until it lets me login. That paired with random stream drops in the web live view makes it pretty unbearable at the moment.