"Unknown Device" Camera/Sensor Groups - Rules

Anyone having issues with adding Camera, Contact Senor, or Motion Sensor Groups to rules where the group is shown as “Unknown Device”? in the rule?

I noticed the other day in my rules that I had a lot of things showing as Unknown Device. I then deleted and readded the device groups to the rules. Didn’t work. I deleted the device groups and remade them… didn’t work.

Which leaves me to either specify “camera-by-camera, sensor-by-sensor”, every rule I want to set… which is way too tedious. or do nothing.

Edit: Light Bulb and Plug groups can be added and are listed correctly.

Any thoughts on this?

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For whatever is worth, Wyze rules suck. Most of the time they don’t work even though History shows as successful.

Can you show some screenshots of this issue, that’s strange behavior

It seems to actually do the task that is assigned… like “Turn On Notifications” … it just doesn’t display correctly.

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So it only happens for groups, but plugs and bulbs are not effected. Does it show this as soon as you add the group to the rule, or does it display correctly for a little bit?

Does clearing the app cache and force closing change anything?

I’m not able to reproduce this for a camera group on IOS

I am experiencing the same issue w\ Android Beta App 2.37.0.b116

I have 3 cam groups designated for actions within a single rule.

While the “Turn On Camera” and "“Turn On Motion Detection” actions for the group shows, the “Turn On Notifications” action for each cam group does not.

However, the rule does execute perfectly and each individual cam within each of the groups shows a successful execution of “Turn On Notifications” within the rules history.

It appears to be an app bug with displaying the Turn On Notifications action when applied to groups. It does not affect functionality.

Interesting, guess it’s a android issue. Probably should get some app logs and post them here

The bug and the logs should be reported in the b116 app thread:

EDIT: It looks like this bug made it into the Public Production Release of the App Should now be reported in the App Release thread:

@Earl.Automation, you found it. You can post it there and I will confirm it for you.

Good find! :+1:

VALIDATION!!! I love being right… j/k. :slight_smile:

It was making me wonder. I will get this posted on the other link.

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I’m seeing the same issue. My of my rules show my cams as unknown, but I have a few that show OK. If I add a cam to a rule when I pick devices all my cams are named properly, but when I add it to a rule it shows up as “unknown device”

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This has also been reported in:

Present in latest App Hotfix release
Reported in that thread.

Beta App 2.38.0.b148 available, untested.