Device list widget bugs

On Android b137 on multiple devices, the device status (on/off) for the device list widget are very often incorrect.
It doesn’t appear that there’s any syncing of that information or if there is, I have no idea when that is done.

Additionally, camera groups and bulb groups show up on the list but selecting them does nothing. Plug groups works.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @brian_geisel! :raising_hand_man:

It appears you have a severely out of date (April 2022) Beta app that needs to be updated.

The current Beta Release Candidate being tested is 2.39.0.b176 documented in this thread.

Update your app to the newest Beta or Production App (January 5, 2023) and retest the feature.

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Oops. I don’t know why I copied the old release information I’m currently on 2.39.0.b176 on both my Android tablet and my Android phone.


That being the case, the bug should be reported in the above referenced Beta thread.

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