Wyze app 2.37 Hotfix and Wyze Sense Hub Released - 11/28/22

We are releasing 2.37 app hotfixes today to fix bugs in Cam Plus, Rules for sensors, and Canadian addresses in Wyze Home Monitoring. Wyze Sense Hub firmware is also releasing with experience and log improvements. :bug:

Read our Release Notes:


App bug found and reported by @L0rdNik0n here:

Confirmed that adding a Climate Sensor Action to Turn On Notifications within Rules returns an “Unknown Device” error within the device action block:

App Version


I don’t know who tried the fix for Canadian addresses but, it does not work.
I am still unable to complete my Home Monitoring setup as it keeps telling me the address in incorrect.

Also, in the country drop down, Canada is initially displayed but if you drop it down, only USA is available.

I am running 2.37 with the latest Hub firmware.
Clearly not properly tested.

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An Update to my post above:

This issue does not appear to be isolated to the Climate Sensors but it is isolated to the Notifications On rules action command for individual devices, including cams. When the Notifications On Action Command is added to groups, it displays fine.

App bug discovered and reported by @CM55 in topic:

And previously reported in prior App Release 2.37 thread by @peepeep:

Reproduced and confirmed on Android App CamPlus Event Placeholder Ad is causing a video load error when scrolling from video to video in both directions.


I have the same problem with v1 contact sensors and v2 entry sensors. In any of my rules involving those sensors, the notifications on or off action shows unknown device for each sensor. Removing and re-adding the sensors to the rule did not help. Problem randomly appeared and is still there after most recent hub update.

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The most recent app update fixed my problem. Now I can see all of my devices listed appropriately in the rules. Hopefully future app updates won’t break things.


Confirming that also fixed it for my rules.

Moreover, it is a completely revamped UI!


Like it much better grouped by device or device group! Much shorter list and very well organized!

High 5 to Wyze! :raised_hand:

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