Turn on/off notications rule causes "unknown device"

I’ve been noticing an “unknown device” in some of my rules for my V3 cameras. Although the rules still run properly when scheduled, the rules history shows a failure at the scheduled time. When I open the actual rule to edit it to see if anything is wrong, it appears that any rule I have that includes turn on or off notifications as the action results in the device showing as “unknown device.”

I’m sure this is what is causing the rules failure message in the history. That said, just to be clear, the rules still run properly. If I try to create a new rule to replace the one with the “unknown device” in the action, when I select any other actions, everything is fine, but if I select turn on or off notifications, I get the unknown device issue. Any ideas?

I think @SlabSlayer had this issue (or helped someone with it) recently. Do you know any more slab?

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Thanks for the tag @IEatBeans. Sorry for the delay. Very long day on the road.

Wyze is aware of this bug. It was reported in the current App Hotfix Release thread with links to the original posts.

A second post was added in that same thread:

This bug affects individual devices with actions to turn notifications on but not groups. It also appears that it is a display only bug and not a functional bug.

When running my rule that contains the “Unknown Device” listing when turning on notifications, I get a successful execution for the rule and a successful execution of the action for every device that was listed as “unknown”

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@SlabSlayer and @IEatBeans, thanks to both of you. This info is helpful. I would like to add that the “unknown device” issue occurs not just when applying the “Turn ON notifications” action, but also when applying the “Turn OFF notifications” action.

Any indications that a fix is on the way?

This is an app related bug as it affects multiple devices. I don’t know if it is on iOS as well as Android.

There is currently a Beta App in RC testing, but I am not currently testing that Beta version so I don’t know if that is on the build list. You could check that thread for info or inquire from a Beta Tester there. Or, you can join the Beta test and test it. Since it is a Release Candidate, barring any catastrophic failures, it should be released soon as it has already been through Beta rounds.

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