Unbricking Wyze Contact Sensor - pcb reset pin

This comes thru the app months before issues. :slight_smile:

I put Buzzkill on my phone and set up a rule that if any notification from the Wyze app has the word “battery” in the notification, don’t allow the notification to be swiped away. Then it pins the notification for me and I have to tap a “Dismiss” link which ensures I never accidentally miss a Battery notification.

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carver, are you talking about Wyze lock battery notifications? As I have never got a wyze V1 sensor low battery notification in android. This is corroborated by greymoment in this weekends post;

I just very recently told Buzzkill to pin ALL battery notifications from Wyze, so not limited to a certain device.

I have definitely received low battery notifications for the V1 sensors in the past and even very recently within the last few weeks. Within the last month or two I have replaced the battery on at least 3 units and did receive a notification for each of them.

If this has stopped then it is a bug that was introduced very recently and should be reported. Or maybe notifications were turned off or something? IDK…I can only tell you that I have received notifications for V1 contact sensors low battery alerts from at least 3 different devices very recently. Usually I ignore them for a couple of days and they just kept sending me messages until I replaced it, so I got multiple notices from each. Though I think on all of them I have the “Notifications” turned on, and then just turn off all the options under it (ie: Open/closed, etc) as I assumed if I turned off the main notification toggle that I might not get battery notices. That is why I was saying that maybe they had notifications toggled off and that’s why there was a difference? Just guessing. It would be good to know!

I receive open/close notifications for the sensors , but not battery notifications. Are you using groups? my sensors are grouped.

its funny how i dont have any probs receiving notifications like this

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I have some grouped and some not grouped.

Now that you mention it, I think I remember something a long time ago about grouped sensors not sending battery notifications for some reason. That must be the problem.

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as greymoment has corroborated in his observations, the low battery notifications for contact sensors are not working properly. Not having those notifications means the sensor will eventually end up bricked.

Surely this is / should have been a priority bug fix !?!?

maybe Wyze can look at the code used to push these notifications
they are displayed with no problems

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I just voted for the email/IFTTT wishlist. Though, I am thinking the main issue is notifications in groups.

The reason I think this is because I have had several V1 sensors recently tell me the battery was low, and they told me MANY times (not just once) until I made the change. I think the ones in groups might not be sending notifications, but I know definitely that the ones not in groups are sending notifications.

I have not yet had to replace any batteries in the V2’s so I do not know if there are notifications with the V2’s or not.

If the problem is with those sensors in groups, I am guessing Wyze just might not really be aware of this. We should report this in the Fix-It-Friday event so we can get a response and updates on progress.

I think it’s just something not really known, but I’m becoming more convinced that the problem is “groups.”

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Thanks for the vote, yes IFTTT for low battery in a contact sensor would be even more convenient, Wyze already added IFTTT support for the outdoor cam, so why not add it for the contact /motion sensors (which brick if they remain with a low battery) ?


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My v1 sensors are grouped and they repeatedly send low battery notifications until battery is replaced. I just replaced the battery on a v1 contact sensor today.

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Interesting. I wonder why some people aren’t getting the notifications then.

I definitely get them on my ungrouped sensors. I get them all the time.

You are getting them on grouped sensors (I might also be getting them for grouped sensors, but I haven’t really paid attention…most of the ones I have grouped are ones I rarely to ever use or think about).

Is your notification setting toggled on for them? Maybe that’s what’s needed? I always leave the main toggle on even if the sub-toggles for open/closed notifications are toggled off.

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Perhaps difficult to distinguish audible from other notifications and then swiped away?

Yes, main and sub-toggles. Also have DND exception enabled for WyzeMessage channel.

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Since this has come up recently, I thought I’d show that I have been getting low battery notifications for one of my V1 contact sensors all day today. It’s named “Siren Silence” because if I open or close that sensor it triggers a rule to silence ALL the sirens.

I think I got 4 notifications about low battery from this V1 sensor today. So I am definitely getting them. Not sure why others aren’t. That is really weird.

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Maybe if there were a toggle for low battery notification, it might work. This is my setup.

Wyze guy posted:“The MAC address is printed on the sticker on the back of the device and is easily recovered,”
Are we sure about this cause the only good sensor I have left that paired to the wyze app and under device Mac in the app doesn’t match what’s on the back label. I it even seems to be a diffrent format.

Well, if you mix-N-Match your back covers thinking it does not make any difference, then yes, they will not match!
I am not sure what you are referring to about a different format.

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