Unbricking Wyze Contact Sensor - pcb reset pin

Hey buddy, go to this thread and mention the update caused this. They have been offering to replace them, and may do so for you as well:

Or just PM bzhu or WyzeXuLi and tell them you have the solid yellow light issue after the update.

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Hi @dannutu. I’m getting those same errors you got (-2131 and -242) and I can’t seem to flash any contact sensors. Can you provide any more details about what you did to fix it? My Googling hasn’t turned up anything useful.

But what if all your sensors stopped working on the same day, batteries are good, with existing or new batteries trying to re add them you get the expected three flashes and it still times out even if sensor is set right next to camera with usb bridge?

I have few motion sensors w/o MAC, would it be possible to flash already dumped FW for Montion sensors from wyzeback using this dongle + TX/RX connection?

PS: I would think over time there will be quite a few of these devices, perhaps WYZE could put together DIY friendly guide how to fix the MAC

Can you offer a ‘DIY’ guide with illustrations for using the devices shown when unblocking a bricked Wyze sensor… I doubt the company will.

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I have to wonder if Wyze hasn’t quietly prevented v1 sense devices from being added to accounts. Here on their own forums, Reddit, and other home automation web sites you see posts about v1 sensors mysteriously going dead even though they exhibit normal behavior. So even if you were able to try to flash a Mac address back on to them would you be able to add them to your account? My experience suggests no. I’d be curious to know if anyone has been able to add a v1 sensor to their account recently?

All my v1 contact and motions sensors went dead on the same day, every single one of them stopped working at the same time on the same day even though they all had good batteries and I never got any low battery warning in the app for any of them. All of them were of different ages from a few months to just shy of a year old. Wyze support told me to delete them all and try to add them back and that’s where it all went wrong. I cannot add any of them back to any of my three usb bridges no matter which of my six cameras I try to use. All of the sensors, bridges, and cameras indicate all is good - correct LED behavior on sensors, bridges, and cameras.

After many support requests where I was given the scripted answers are v1 not supported, we don’t have any replacement v1 sensors for which to send replacements by some miracle Wyze located some and sent me a few replacement sensors and guess what, I can’t add any of them to my app either whether I try an iPhone or an android phone. The problem follow the sensors to any network where I try to experiment with them.

I keep arguing with Wyze about this but they’ve dug in their heels and refuse to address this massive defect with any sane remedy. They just keep saying “they are out of warranty now, sorry, best we can do is $15 in store credit for your 20+ sensors that mysteriously stopped working all on the same day”.

Strangely enough I did a quick experiment with the Home Assistant software and was able to join one of my v1 motion and v1 contact sensors to Home Assistant! So the sensors are fine! My usb bridges are fine! Which only leaves my Wyze account or some problem with the Wyze back end specific to my account. Weird huh?

I suspect Wyze has been been either lazy or dishonest with me about this. and that’s why I haven’t bought any more of their products and will continue to complain here until the day I have replaced all of my Wyze devices with something else or no longer have any reason to troubleshooting anything from Wyze.

Good luck with your re-programming experiment, I hope you’ll post details about it if it works, I know there are many people out there with bricked sensors who might want to try to resurrect them.

Very experienced people with firmware expertise claim to have actually done this, but it is beyond the capabilities of most people to access and rewrite the MAC address into the firmware.

I had a dozen or so sitting in a box waiting for me to add them back to my Wyze account since I recently moved to a new house (and deleted them off the account months ago) and haven’t set them up at the new place yet. So after reading your request here, I grabbed one of them, and added it to my Wyze account. It was successful. I tested opening and closing it multiple times just now to be sure it was working properly, and tried attaching a rule and everything worked as normal. Then I realized I had used the Hub instead of a bridge, so I deleted the sensor again and this time tried to set it up on the bridge. It failed and would not connect. I thought you might be onto something, but I hard rebooted my camera (pulled the power cord), and then tried again and as soon as I verified the camera was back online, this time it set up the V1 sensor to the bridge normally. Everything works fine.

So Wyze is definitely not preventing activation of V1 sensors. Sorry, it would’ve been nice to help. It must have something to do with your account?

Maybe as a test, try creating a new Wyze account with a different email address and delete one of your cameras off the old account and add it to this new one with the bridge and all. Then try to add a V1 contact sensor to it. See if you still have the same problem or if it allows you to connect. That should be able to tell you if it is your account that has a problem or if it is something else.


Good info, thank you for the reply. It does reinforce my notion that something is wonky with my account specifically.

Are you storing your old sensors with the battery removed? If you aren’t planning to re-deploy them soon in your new home you should pull the batteries out of them or make sure all the batteries have adequate voltage so the sensors don’t brick themselves due to a low voltage condition.

I will try creating a new account and moving some equipment to it - good idea - I hadn’t really given it much thought because I expected Wyze support to actually be responsive and see that I had already ruled out all of the obvious hardware angles.

Will report back if it works - not that I expect Wyze will fix whatever the problem is.

I wonder if there is a maximum number of devices you can have on an account? I can’t find anything in Wyze’s documentation to suggest there is but might be something they don’t disclose.

I have WELL over 100 Wyze devices, including 3 dozen sensors so far, and more on the way. That won’t be your problem here. There is a limit to how many sensors can be on a single hub or bridge, but the limit is fairly high. I had close to 30 on a bridge before and it worked. I know the new hub can hold 100 for now, and they said they might allow it to hold more in the future, but for now it’s limited to 100.

I know I should, but I haven’t been too worried about it. If some go dead I’ll just deploy them locally on Home Assistant like I planned to do with some of them anyway. I mostly use V1’s as “light switches” now anyway. I would eventually like to have mostly V2’s for everything else. So if some go dead before I get to them I’ll be fine. Besides I do have them where I can see them all day in my office, so I should notice the LED battery warning if any get close to dying.

I hope you can figure something out.

it seems the bootloader is not enabled and as such we most likely will not be able to use the cheap USB dongle USB/TTL ( I did try short RX with GND )

I do not plan to spend $40+ on the CC1310 Launch pad so this is it for me and Wyze.

Moving to ZigBee , you can get those for ~6$ from Aliexpress ( if you buy more ) and they are very similar form factor


Heya, quick follow up - I created a new Wyze account. Deleted one of my Cams from my existing account, added it to the new one, grabbed one each of my old V1 sensors and added them successfully.

I am half glad and half furious - it means Wyze has been a pile of incompetence and lies for six or more months as I’ve been trying to tell them there was a problem and every time they told me they would escalate the issue and check the back end/my account obviously they were just doing nothing and then closing my tickets and telling me v1 isn’t supported.

Thank you @carverofchoice for the suggestion. I should have thought of it myself.

Now I am going to open a new support chat and see if they can figure out why I can’t add these devices to my existing account, can they fix it or do I have to delete all of my cameras, plugs, bulbs, rules, etc and re-do everything on a new account.

Not sure now to broadcast this around but anyone with v1 sensors that otherwise seem fine but won’t add to an account - the problem is the account and Wyze support has been lying to us all when we try to troubleshoot this issue.

They clearly have back end problems that prevent v1 sensors from being added to an account if they’ve previously been added.

So it should surprise no one that I spent 90 minutes in a support chat with Wyze having to explain everything all over for at least the tenth time only to be told someone will follow up with me by email.

I’ve been told this before. But my contingency plan will be to delete all of my devices from my old account and move them to the new account if Wyze is unable to find the account or back end database problem .


This clearly falls into the life is short (as well as the your mileage may vary and to each his or her own) category. While I was okay with spending much of a day noodling on my own to try to resuscitate a V2 (in the end the only thing that worked at all was Dafang) trying to do the same thing with any tech support person would have been intolerable torture.

Well as a quick update I believe I have proven the problem is on the Wyze back end. I deleted one camera that has a usb bridge installed. Created a new Wyze account with another email address. Added that camera to that account. And surprise surprise I randomly picked one motion, and one contact sensor from my pile of 12 v1 sensors Wyze says all went bad at the same time on the same day and you’ll be shocked to know I was able to add those sensors on the new account.

So Wyze has either been lazy, incompetent, or dishonest with me every time I have tried to raise this issue. That’s the nicest thing I can say for them so far. No way to know what is the truth.

I have been told once again my issue will be escalated and someone from upper level support will follow up with me by email. I won’t hold my breath. I’ll wait about 48 hours before I just start over with the new account.

@vendo232 I encourage you to buy the direct from the factory. www.itead.cc I’ve bought hundreds of dollars of their products there.

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This is not help in unbricking sensors, BUT, mine like several other people’s sensors went dead on the same day. Then:

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I was able to restore Door sensor using the cheap USB dongle, you can see that Home Assistant can recognize the new dummy MAC using this guide. All you need is 5$ USB CP2102-based USB and Flash Programmer 2 from IT


Thank you soooo much for this excellent writeup, @exeljb !

For other people who (like me) are completely new to hardware hacking, I figured out why UniFlash kept throwing errors like “IcePick: Error connecting to the target: (Error -2131 @ 0x0)”

I had to remove most of the jumpers from the CC1310 LaunchPad board. Basically look where the blue and green wires are connected in IMG_2205; that block of jumpers should all be removed. My guess is that if you don’t remove the jumpers, the debugger still talks to the LaunchPad’s built-in CC1310 chip, instead of sending signals to your Wyze Door sensor’s CC1310 chip via the TMS and TCK wires.

Oh, and if anyone is planning to throw your bricked door sensors away, please consider contacting me. I can take them off your hands, or figure out some way to fix them for you and send them back (although I can’t imagine that scaling very well, considering how inexpensive these are in the first place). I just don’t like seeing them go to waste.

You would think Wyze could take them back and easily refresh them in the factory, and resell them as refurbs.