Unable to setup Cam v2 - Cannot scan QR code

I am trying to set up a Wyze Cam v2 for the very first time. I get as far as until it tells me that I need to scan a QR code; however, instead of launching the camera (Wyze has permission to use camera) - I just see I giant default QR code on my phone instead of a camera feed to scan it.

A post that seemed similar to what I am experiencing is here:

This is what I am seeing from my phone:

This may be an issue specific with Android 11; and how the camera app has changed how it works; specifically security enhancements regarding location spying:

I believe that the solution to fix this issue would be to require Wyze developers to update their app to adopt this new camera security standard set by Google.

Use the Wyze Cam itself to read the code on your phone.

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Exactly. It’s the Wyze cam that is supposed to scan that code, not your phone.

It says on the screenshot you posted;
“Scan QR Code below with your Cam”.
You should be fairy close to your camera, 2’ - 3’.

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Welcome to the forums! Follow the illustration at the top of your screen shot.


The Wyze cam is being connected to my network for the first time; the QR code (located on a sticker on the bottom of the camera itself) is to associate the MAC address of the camera to recognize it when it connects to my WiFi network.

Until that happens; the Wyze cam cannot be used; so taking a photo of itself isnt possible?

The Wyze cam isn’t connected to anything. The QR code above is just an image; it should be my camera feed.

Not a QR.

The QR code is a sticker on the base / bottom side of the camera itself. I need to scan that QR code / sticker on the camera using my phone; but the camera doesn’t work in app - instead it displays a QR code; which isn’t what needs to be scanned.

Please re-read what we (and the app) are trying to tell you.

You’re not supposed to scan any stickers.

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Uhhhh… okay; let me try this…

Wowwwwww… Yeah; this was it. I have never seen it done this way; usually its the phone that scans the device QR code.

Yeah; this worked. Thanks; I feel like a moron.

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Don’t feel like a moron zenko18, I couldn’t manage to get the dustbin from my WYZE vacuum open for 15 minutes!

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I couldn’t set up my bulbs at ALL until I found the fix on this forum (disabling mobile data).

If you become Wyze you will find many of their things lead to


Been there done that.

They should provide a link to a short video, and include things like how long to let a process go before you retry.