Wyze Cam V3 - cannot scan the barcode during initial setup

Hello, I ordered a second camera for my house and I cannot pass the initial setup, it doesn’t recognize the bar code. I spoke with your help desk team and they gave me this ticket number 3286489. It was 24 hours ago and so far no confirmation for a replacement camera. I am so disappointed from this process. This camera was DOA out of the box and I am stuck with a ticket number and… no camera…

Will appreciate some help from the Wyze team on my case.

Most everyone on this forum are Wyze users like you trying to help other users. Is the entire QR code in view on your App? Some have had to change the resolution of their phone to make sure it is completely visible.

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iPhones are notorious for resizing the QR so it cuts off the very bottom. Check this post:


Is it truly doa, like no status light change or announcements when power is applied and the setup button is pressed? Or does it do all that and just doesn’t recognize the qr code? In short, please explain what “doa” means. My thought of dead on arrival is no status light, won’t power on, no voice announcement, etc.

It is not totally dead but it doesn’t work. I cannot complete the initial setup. Two weeks ago I setup my other camera ( same model) and had no issues so I am sure that the problem is not in my phone.

I hope someone from Wyze will take a look at this…

So disappointed from this camera.

This is a user to user community, and if you’ve contacted Support (which it appears that you have), that is the official avenue for help.

Try this. Do the add a device in the app from your phone, get to the point where the full qr code is shown and set the phone on a flat surface with the screen pointed up. Now take the camera and press the setup button and when it’s ready to read the qr code, set the camera in the phone screen, with the lens pointed down. Next slowly lift the camera up, keeping it pointed at the center of the phone screen which should still have the qr code visible. Hopefully when you’ve passed about 6 to 9 inches above the phone then the camera should of scanned the qr code. This should eliminate any background/foreground exposure differences when trying to scan the qr code, making it hard to expose correctly on the screen of the phone.

You might also try to do the setup using a different phone or tablet.

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