Unable to set up 4 digit pin in Alexa IOS

Recently installed a GDC but when I add it to Alexa i have no option to add 4 digit code, I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps and reconnected the GDC to wyze app.

any suggestions would be great

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Check out this thread and see if this offers any assistance


I actually don’t even have the option for the 4 digit code, the heading is missing

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can i get any help on this issue? ive waited a bit for a few updates of both alexa and wyze app and still have no option to add a code.

at this point i think its a faulty GDC or something

I am also having this problem. Unable to set up the voice controls for Alexa. There is no place enter the 4 digit code. Tried tapping in the area is should be, but nothing appears like in the suggestion in another forum.


Thanks for @R.Good, here is a link to setting the PIN in Alexa. Note, in the example, the actual button did not display, so you need to tap in the area he highlighted.

Does not work, as stated above

I don’t have the pin option either… do we have a fix! I just installed mine yesterday

Did you figure this out? I’m having this same issue.

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For me the PIN option shows up now without having to do the above "find the blank "spot and tap. It’s simply just toggling on the Open by Voice option, then I am presented with the PIN requirement. Once it is set you get the ability to edit the PIN.

Couple of questions to get the conversation going not knowing what all you have tried in the setup of this.

What app version of Alexa are you using? - Suggest making sure you have the latest Alexa app installed.

Have you added the Wyze Skill to your Alexa App? If not you will need to add the Wyze skill first. Instructions are found here.

If the above has been done show us what you are seeing and the community may be able to assist some more.

I uninstalled/deleted from Wyze app and then re-did the setup and I’m now able to enable the voice control with the 4-digit pin. So all is well!

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I still am unable to set this up. I reinstalled the camera in the wyze app this morning, and tried to set it up through both my iPhone and my iPad (tried multiple times this morning). I am unable to open that hidden button to enter a PIN code. Also OSs, apps and firmware is current and up to date. At a loss how to over come this problem.

As noted in my previous message, I do not have an open by voice section in either of my Alexa apps. Is something disabled inside my Alexa app ?

Hey @Marko723

Sorry to hear you are having issues still. Just for confirmation, have you added the Wyze Skill to your Alexa app and it is enabled?


Thanks for responding. Yes the skill is installed and linked. In the second screen capture, there is no line for voice control like others have.


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Thanks for the info,
Have you tried removing the Garage Door Controller from the Alexa app and running a re-discovery?

Multiple times over the last 6 months. 4 times this morning in fact.

Just did number 5

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Last thought… And a bit involved.

Try deleting the device from the Wyze App and the Alexa App. Clear the Cache on both Apps.
Log out of both apps.
Log back into the Wyze App and set the Device up again, this time with a different Device Name.

Log Back into Alexa, see if the device is there, if not run a rediscovery.

I have had to do the same with Cameras that just refused to connect in Alexa in the past.

If this does not resolve I would try Alexa Support.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to wait for the weekend when I have more time.


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No problem, again sorry this isn’t working for you.

I have used Alexa and Google Home for a number of IoT devices including all of Wyze and find that Alexa and Google are great when they work. They constantly make changes on the back end not taking into account at all times all vendors they are working with, and are just down right finicky in a lot of cases.

when you reinstalled it, did you install it as a camera or as the garage door opener within the wyze app? i couldnt remember how i did it the first time,… but the second time i made sure i selected garage door opener within the wyze app.