Unable to set up 4 digit pin in Alexa IOS

Recently installed a GDC but when I add it to Alexa i have no option to add 4 digit code, I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps and reconnected the GDC to wyze app.

any suggestions would be great

Welcome to the forum @unaha89!

Check out this thread and see if this offers any assistance


I actually don’t even have the option for the 4 digit code, the heading is missing

can i get any help on this issue? ive waited a bit for a few updates of both alexa and wyze app and still have no option to add a code.

at this point i think its a faulty GDC or something

I am also having this problem. Unable to set up the voice controls for Alexa. There is no place enter the 4 digit code. Tried tapping in the area is should be, but nothing appears like in the suggestion in another forum.


Thanks for @R.Good, here is a link to setting the PIN in Alexa. Note, in the example, the actual button did not display, so you need to tap in the area he highlighted.

Does not work, as stated above