Unable to set up 4 digit pin in Alexa IOS

Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. I do recall doing that, but did try it again just now, no luck still. I think I will need to do the account log out and cache clearing when I have more time. Need to be careful as I have multiple smart home vendors linked in to alexia as well.


Iā€™m on an iPhone XS running iOS 17.5 and have had the exact same issue for about a year. Spoke to Amazon today and he suggested I delete then reinstall the Alexa iOS app then to delete the Wyze Garage Door Controller and re-add it. I did not think that would fix it as I have done that in the past. No change and same issue after performing these steps. He then told me this is a known issue with Alexa and Wyze Garage Door Opener with voice code on iOS - so perhaps a future release of the Alexa app will resolve.

So, i made a brand new amazon account with a new email and that fixed my issue. there is something wrong on the back end of Amazon side on my old account, and not something the that regular tech support fix I think.

Possible fix would be to fully deactivate your old email and maybe reopen, but I have to many things to relink.

The new amazon account has the two echos that i would use to open the garage with. and then the rest of my devices are on the old account. and everything works fine that way for me.