Two notifications for each event

I have had two notifications for each event for months now.

Since they removed the slider that allowed events to be rewound before fully uploaded I now know what it is.

I get the first notification as soon as something triggers it - the second notification comes after the video has fully uploaded.

I am sure that Wyze didn’t plan this “feature” - so I assume it is another bug, but at least it is consistent and reliable ( unlike some other features!)

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Actually, @WyzeJimmy predicted the double notification issue some time ago in April as a side effect of trying to fix the loss of notifications reported back in January. The fix was to overcome the 3s\6s AI limit.

@WyzeJimmy did post today on the Notifications Suddenly Stopped Working topic that the 6 second limitation was removed in April.

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I have switched off all the AI as you know but I have had two notifications since the AWS problem was “fixed” earlier this year.

It is only since the slider was removed that I noticed what was causing the second one.

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I have only AI notifications on. I am getting only 1 notification per event.

Since the announcement today of the rollout of the new AI update and that the fix has been implemented for the loss of notifications due to the 6 second AI limit, I have today begun a 14 day complete data logging session to quantify:

1, % of AI event videos notified
2. Average notification latency
3. % of tagged objects improperly identified.

I am still working on a process to scrub uSD footage against AI Event videos and AI Event notifications in an attempt to quantify AI events completely missed. This, along with the results from above, should be a strong indicator of the effectiveness of the updates.

In your situation, the announcement came out today from Jason that a new Fix-it Friday will be posting this Friday. I am already drafting my issue, your double notifications would be a good one to post!

I feel it is a plus point as it lets me know when I can rewind the video to see what triggered the event.

I still find the format of the fix it friday difficult to use.

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There has been a situation where if you have 2 Wyze apps installed (Beta, Production, for instance) you get 2 notifications. Could this be your situation?


Nope - only one production app installed.

Are your cams assigned to HMS with Threat Alert push notifications enabled?

A screenshot of the Android-level double notifications might help to find an answer.

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Nope - I do not have HMS.

This is just opening a door - it happens every time on all eight cameras.

It is actually a plus point as the second one arrives after the whole event has finished uploading so I know when I can rewind to see what triggered the event. It would be much better to have the old system back that allowed rewinding to the start before the video has completely uploaded

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I’ve had 5 of my cams on CP assigned to my HMS as Security Cams for over a year, all with Security Threat designations selected under each cam within the Security Cam setup page, and have never once received any notification from this functionality let alone two notifications. It is yet another forgotten promise of Wyze that was never developed.

I went so far as to ask how the two notification settings (cam vs HMS) would interact with each other in a post about 4 months ago, and received no replies.

Perhaps this would be a good post for this Friday.

Find out what this “alert” icon means and you’ll have your answer:

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Along with reinstating the ability to rewind events before they finish uploading ( but I don’t think Wyze will do that - obviously cheaper to remove the feature)

How do I do that?

I receive 2 notifications only for the 5 cams assigned to HMS alerts. One notification is the normal “Person detected”, the 2nd notification from the same cam is “Complete Motion”. I think the 2nd notification is mislabeled and belongs to HMS. I don’t receive 2 notifications from the 30+ other non-HMS cams.

I just ran a test and removed one cam from HMS. Turned alarm to Away mode, walked in front of cam and received only a Person notification. Reassigned the same cam back to HMS, turned alarm to Away, walked in front and now get the usual 2 notifications.

I don’t know. I have no OS/UI that appears like yours.

Someone at Wyze must be working on it or taunting me. I get that restored functionality on a few cams on occasion. I really need that feature back!!! :skull_and_crossbones:

So do I ! - I need to know what triggered an event ASAP. I have a problem with foxes attacking my hens and at the moment there only way I get a fast “notification” is if I have a window open so I can hear the hens panicking.

Another one - different camera BUT - no icon on either of them!!!

Next one is a different camera - the icon is on this one.

All cameras have identical settings

I feel your pain… numerous times per day and night. And I have no idea why Wyze thought this change was a good idea. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to immediately determine what triggered an AI alert on a critical cam and having to wait and jump through hoops to find the trigger.

It is actually a matter of life or death for my hens. I get out of bed at 4am every day and open my window. If I hear a commotion I go outside with a torch which scares the fox away.

Before Wyze made the change I could see the fox by rewinding and get outside before it got to the hens.

There seems no reason (except to save money) that Wyze would make the change. Technology should improve and become more functional as time progresses, but Wyze have ruined the whole reason I invested in Wyze.

Another pair of notifications - another different camera but no icon

By the way - my phone is a new Sony Xperia running (almost) stock Android 12

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That is very interesting. :thinking:

I have Threat Alerts set on 5 cams to Person and Motion.

The first 3 cams are V3. The Doorbell Cam is absolutely useless as it is next to impossible to activate unless the wind blows. The PanCam is inside where my motion sensors will set off the alarm (yeah… I just realized the irony… Will replace that in the list with another V3 outside). I also have CP PD set to notify on each of these cams.

At any rate, I just armed the HMS and walked out to the mailbox. I triggered 6 PD events on the 3 V3, one each outbound, one each inbound (one it tagged me as a package).

However, I only received a grand total of 6 notifications for the 6 events in the Events tab.

Any recollection as to what update or when this feature became active?

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