HMS Security Cam Threat Alert Push Notifications vs Cam Plus Smart Detection AI Push Notifications

I have had my cams and HMS some time now and didn’t realize until the email sent out today that the security cam settings within the monitoring tab weren’t doing anything. However, with their announcement to power it back up tomorrow, I went in to verify some settings and it prompted some confusion.

I have 12 cams, all with CamPlus. All of them are set for Event Recording-Detects Motion with Smart Detection-Person (some also have vehicle and pet, but that has no bearing here). Notifications is on for every cam with Wyze AI Events selected in the CamPlus notifications settings.

5 of these cams are also integrated under my HMS Monitoring Tab, each with Person detection on. The Threat Alert is set for Push Notifications.

Is this redundant? I have push notifications being sent from both the CamPlus AI on each cam and the HMS Monitoring Security Cam Threat Alert for Person events.

What is the difference between the two notifications?

Will I get two notifications for each single event on these 5 cams now?

If not… which setting takes priority?

Will the Threat Alert push notifications from the HMS Security Camera settings only push when the system is armed?

If I change the setting in the HMS Monitoring Security Cams, will it change the settings in the Smart Detection?

Again… why the need for the same settings in two different places?

Thanks for any help, insights, or just plain education you can provide!