Trigger the Wyze Floodlight from other Wyze Devices

Wyze has provided a method to activate the Wyze Floodlight from other Wyze Devices.

The following steps will show how to activate the Wyze Floodlight for x Minutes from another camera in your device list:

Step 1: Start the App and go to the Account Menu

Step 2: Click on the + Symbol top right

Step 3: Select Device Trigger

Step 4: Enter the Name and then Select the + by Device Trigger

Step 5: Select the Device you wish to Trigger the action. I selected Backyard Camera

Step 6: Select what the Trigger will be. I selected Person

Step 7: Save the Trigger and then back out one menu and select the + by the Action

Step 8: Select the floodlight you would like to turn on. I selected Backyard Floodlight 1

Step 9: Select the Action. For the floodlight there are many actions you can select. I selected Turn on Floodlight for x minutes and set it to 15 minutes

You can then save the rule and when a person is detected the floodlight will go on. If you want to limit the time, then enter the Time value for the Rule as well.


This is a good idea…post a common request as a detailed tips & Tricks, then link to it in the future for future similar questions, while making it easy for others to search in the future and having the tip in the correct category here too. I like it. This one was very detailed with good screenshots to walk through. Well done @spamoni4 I like this idea.